Wednesday, September 09, 2009

First Day.

5:30 AM. Oh yeah. I'm back to that.

My morning jog was good this morning. Got me right on track for a full morning. The girls wanted their hair curled and we needed time to take a few pix before we leapt out the door.

The subway ride was pretty good, not as crowded as I expected and we arrived with several minutes to spare. After the chaos of the 2nd grade drop off, Lolly and I made our way to her school which is located the exact opposite place on the island as Phoebe's school. I will be spending a lot of time on the train this year. That's ok, I'm armed with my kindle and iphone, I could stay on that train all day.

Phoebe was giddy at school and excited to see her friends. She insisted on carrying her very full backpack all the way there. I think she was sweating by the time she got to school. Lolly sat patiently observing the kids arrive, and I observed the new parents. I reminisced on that first day of kindergarten, and how we missed the entire gathering, we were late.


Lolly also insisted on carrying her new backpack though her first day today was just a playdate in the park. We rode a route that was new to us, but didn't make any mistakes and we arrived there on time as well. She has 3 teachers, and if I were to describe her experience with her new teacher's in one word, it would be LOVE. I am thrilled that their hearts are so open to these children and that my daughter has the opportunity to be cradled in it. Ya'll know my Lolly, school and Lolly---it makes me shudder a little, but after today, I know she is going to not only survive, know.

We had an extra long walk home from the park to the subway, so Lolly made a few calls to her Grammy and Samyo and Coco. Here she is, walking on the streets of NYC, chatting with her relatives about her great first day.

She's had a mysterious fever the past few days, but still seems herself. I tried to get her to nap, but she's rearing to go. We decided to make Milk Chocolate Chip Rice Krispie Treats instead: A tribut to my mom who used to have a plate of those or choc. chips on the counter when I got home from my first day of school, (and other times too).

It's going to be a good year.

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Monique said...

Love reading your blog. You are all so lucky to be living in NY !!