Tuesday, September 29, 2009



~Lolly is in the right place at the right age, at the right time. She is blossoming in her new school. If this blog were private I would not stop running my mouth about it. I am so thrilled and so grateful. If only I could share with you the names of the kids in her class....inspirational.

~Phoebe is adjusting to school pretty well. She is loving her homework, not so much loving practicing.

~I have had the strength to stick to my guns and disengage from anxiety-filled activities/committees/people.

~Time I have to myself 4 days a week.

~Holds for a commercial and a print job. Maybe I'll book one of them. Ha! Yeah right.

~Fresh Direct, grocery delivery.

~The gym downstairs.

~Alarm clock that doesn't beep but sings me sweet classical music songs in the morning....and I'm getting up, and exercising!

~The weighted hula-hoop.

~Cough medicine.


~My faith.

~Knitting projects.


~Unexpected job on Monday

~Kristin Arthur at the Meat-Packing District Apple Store who fixed my iphone, and her shadow Sean who helped me download the app to check my minutes and text message numbers. I have 160 texts left until the 21st, so send me a message!

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