Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My Day.

6 AM-Wake Up


7:00-Pack lunches and snacks

7:15-Get ready for work.

7:40-Turn off the tv, instruct kids to get their shoes on.

7:55-Arrive at the sitter's house

8:45-Arrive back home

(Yes, it took 8 minutes to get there, 45 minutes to get home)

8:50-Arrive at the subway stop-read sign: Train not running

8:55-Arrive at alternate subway stop

9:10-Arrive at Times Square-Hail a cab

9:15-Arrive at Set, 15 minutes late.

Wrangle baby who has never modeled before. Lots of tears, then lots of laughter. Up and Down. Up and Down.

Worry about Lolly's fever.

Miss 2 different castings for mom and daughter (the sick one)...worry about that.


Eat. too much.

Print School Application. Fill it out. Worry about that.

Make a few calls.

Find out released from commercial.

Get booked on a separate job that I had been waiting on.

Finish wrangling. Body starting to hurt a little.

Buy frozen yogurt on the way home.

Go home to check on sick kid and almost-2nd-grader kid.

5-Make dinner.

Don't check my iphone once while with the kiddos.

6-6:30-Baths, jammies, brush teeth, and Back to School Books.

6:50-Listen to Phoebe's high-pitched voice talk about excitements and nerves for tomorrow.

6:55-Listen to Lolly tell me that her throat doesn't hurt if she eats really tiny bites and that she's not sick, and doesn't want to go to the doctor, she wants to go to SCHOOL!

7-Prayers, lights out.


Holly said...

I feel tired just reading your schedule. And I thought I'd accomplished a lot today by catching up with laundry, playing with my one year old, and making cupcakes. You go girl!

jlk said...

I hope she got to go to school, too!