Saturday, September 19, 2009

Parking Day 2009

I have heard about Parking Day for a few years, but this year I decided to try to find some PARKS!

I mapped out 5 parks.

Lollz and I checked out 4, 2 of which were not there, and we ran out of time for #5 because we had to get camping.

The disappointing part was the parks that were not there (it's possible we were too early, I didn't pay much attention to the times listed on the website, whoops), and the fact that we didn't allow enough time to explore.

We stayed the longest at Fordham University's Shakespeare in the Parking Spot. There were art supplies, furniture made out of cardboard, a stage, audience, and performances of songs and Shakespeare scenes and monologues.

Lolly got right to her art (a change since she started school...usually she insists someone else draw her something). She drew an orb-like shape, filled it in with the same color and called it a rectangle. It's a new-age rectangle I guess.

We also adorned the sidewalk with some signage, using the provided sidewalk chalk. It was fun hanging out, and we learned that next year we will devote more of our day to scoping out the parks, most of which are located downtown.

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