Saturday, September 05, 2009


The Posse has been on a quest this spring and summer for the best macaroni and cheese. Pictured above is my favorite mac n cheese in the city: Chat N Chew. And when Dogmatic has it, I enjoy their mac n cheese as well.

We tried Schnippers. Hi to the blogger who saw us but didn't say Hi! PLEASE say hi next time, it's not weird or stalkerish.

The presentation gets a thumbs down. It looked watery but the texture was actually pretty thick. Crumbly top always gets a thumbs up in my book but the kiddos do not like a crumb top. I didn't mind this mac n cheese, but consider it not worth the calories, and the kids both gave it a thumbs down. But a thumbs up on the atmosphere and the vibrating flashing "you're food is ready" thingies.

Here we are at Olive Garden. We can only go here without Dad, because he doesn't like it, and now that he is Skinny Dad, he would just sit there drinking a glass of skim milk and pass on all those calories. Honey, you'd be proud of me, I was very calorie-conscious with my olive's garden choice, except for the breadstick(s).

Next up, KFC. I tried this years ago and I give it a double-barf. The kids did too. Ew.

Boston Market gets top marks from my kiddos. I used to eat it too. I'm pretty sure this is the worst mac n cheese to consume. I think my kids like the curly cue pasta and the texture. I find it a bit messy and unruly...and bright. no?

I'm pretty sure Pizzeria Uno serves good old fashioned Kraft. We serve that here too, when it is 99 cents at Target, especially when it is the Whole Wheat version.

Annie's Shells and Cheese is a popular treat in our house too. And that concludes are quest for the best mac n cheese.


Rachel H said...

I applaud you for having the stomach to even try all those macs and cheese! haha! I can say I tried the chat n chew that one time in NYC thanks to you though! My kids are the experts on all that and I know Lena prefers a pasta with a parmesean kick when we go out. Of course the standard box variety is sadly a staple in our house too. Actually I don't think my family would live without pasta in general!

Lisa said...

Love this post!

Leah Z said...

Kristy, have you been to s'mac?

nymanzanita said...

You are right...KFC has nasty mac. I am tempted to try smacnyc now that it was suggested on your blog. Looks good! Sorry to mention my blog on here....but if you want a great recipe to try at friend makes some OUTRAGEOUS mac. I think it is great anyway. I would post the recipe here but it is probably just easier to hit the link from my post last year. Yum!

Linz said...

Pasta Roni Shells and White Cheddar is a hit at our house. I randomly saw it on a Yahoo article judging the best mac and cheese, and it got top marks.

Kage said...

Leah Z, nope. Gonna have to put it on the list!

Kage said...

Leah Z, nope. Gonna have to put it on the list!