Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Being released in Lois Lowry's The Giver is not good news.

Being released in my business, isn't good news either, but at least you are not murdered because you are the weaker of a pair of twins. (go read it, it's a good book.)

I tried REAL hard to be a fab 50's housewife. I was cursing the new short layers in my hair as I struggled to curl the hair and spray it in place so it was JUST SO.

At the callback, there was a girl with the perfect beehive. Darn.

On the way home from round 2, the girls fixed my hair. Thanks guys.


hdknowles said...

As a child from the 50s, one of my memories was the stay-in-place hairdos that so many women had - tons of hairspray so not one hair on their head could ever move. Today you can look around and see so many people with those same hairstyles. You, my friend, are far too pretty to be transported back to those days. Sorry you didn't get the job, but better things are ahead for you. Your hair is not meant to be hidden under layers of hairspray - in the words of a famous person "let freedom ring."

HHRose said...

I just think it's utterly awesome that you can read current stuff she's writing--about her own life!

Sorry you didn't book the gig. Try Aquanet next time. ;o)

D said...

You should write the sequel to The Giver, where their society is based on sculpting perfect beehive hair. The person with the best hair each year gets swallowed into a giant camera lense and the weakest beehive gets to ride the subway into a dark tunnel -- which turns out to lead to a large park with tasty marshmallow shakes.

Kage said...

D are you making fun of my milkshake? There are 2 more companion books to the giver so I'm too late. Hrose, gonna have to check that out. HD, thanks

D said...

Clearly, I'm jealous of your milkshake. I'm surprised you couldn't see that.

You say that there are already 2 companion books, but I bet none of them have the beehive/subway theme that I suggested. I admit that it's not much more than a concept, but you could probably get 3 or 4 pages out of that.