Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September Loves

Screaming NO, NO, NO, NO, NO....clutching her pillow, crying, screaming repeatedly....I rubbed her back and said: What is it?
And she replies: What?
You were screaming, having a nightmare?
I was? when? here?
Yeah, do you want to go potty?

Playing that old favorite: Oregon Trail on my iphone.

Going through your twitchy cycle 6 times while I read you a book before bed, the night before school: Take a breath, hold it, twist ankles and wrists, stretch both sets of fingers by pressing them to your cheeks, both shoulders up, exhale. Repeat. I guess sometimes it's hard to talk about it huh?

The drama over getting the dangling-by-a-thread tooth pulled. At least I know your a fighter in the event you ever get kidnapped!

Holding hands while riding the subway. A mini mariachi band came in and played for us, you kept time while squeezing your hand in mine. And when it was over you said: "That was fun! .....and weird."

Getting brave in the ocean!
Requesting Braid Ponytails for your hair on Sunday. It turned out cute, even Phoebe wanted the same thing.
Multiple times a week I ask Lolly: "What's up?" Her reply is always: "Good!"

Mom, look, the booger I smooshedid is still on the couch.

The way you pronounce the word sure: "Shore"

I told Phoebe to turn her frown upside down and Lolly explained that a smile is not upside down, but up. She then showed me by smiling ("see? up.") and then frowning ("See, this is down")

Phoebe: How many kids are in your class?
Mom: 18
Lolly: No, 17.
Mom: Oh, I thought there were 18.
Lolly: No, 17. Me and EVERYONE ELSE
Mom: I'm doing the math and ME + 17 others = 18

Your first Swear. Oh boy. No more watching HAIRSPRAY. You lasted longer then Phoebz though, her first swear was around age 2.

Calling Rice Krispies, Rice-bees.

Lamenting about the boy in your class who wants to hold your hand, sit next to you at lunch and has already proposed apparently.

Helping us get to the beach the morning you left for your trip.
Being so hoarse after your BYU Game adventure in TX.
Taking care of dinner on Friday after another unexpected cavity.

A car turning right...slowed down when it saw the posse crossing ON the walk sign. Then, RIGHT as we were crossing in front, lurched forward within inches of us. I hit that car with my purple (Hagrid-like) umbrella and said: "Are you FREAKING kidding me?" Then hit it again. Oh yeah, I was a force to be dealt with.
Looking to my brighter future.

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kj said...

I think we all need a purple umbrella. Anybody knows that you don't mess with a momma cat. Scary but a humorous vivid picture now.