Saturday, September 12, 2009


It's a new therapy.

I've traded in behavioral therapy for speech therapy.

Oh yeah, good times.

My vocal chords have been out-of-whack for a while. I went to get their picture taken a month ago, and I have not seen swellings on my chords THAT big, EVER.

I almost ralphed on the doctor because he didn't numb my throat as he took the picture. He thought I could do it, oh no, my gag reflex is NICELY developed after those two babies I grew.

He suggested 6 weeks of speech therapy to bring down the swellings and to return for another examination/photo in 10 weeks time.

Off I went.

Speech Pathologist, Dr. Carroll is super smart and passionate about her craft and amazing and at first I felt about 5 years old in her presence. 4 weeks later, I am feeling around 10. At my first appointment she told me that if I do not speak every word of my day as a professional then what's coming out of my mouth is trash. Ouch.

My first task was to speak with more vowel sounds, less consonant clips. The first day Lolly was confused: Mom, why are you talking like that? Yes, it did take me about 24 hours to work it out. I began by speaking too high, but then I settled into my normal speaking register, but speaking in a way that is easier on my vocal chords.

My new routine is to sing before I speak for the day. I actually sing in the gym as part of my stretch routine. If someone else is there, I wait until they are properly plugged into their ipods before I sing a little.

To improve my voice and get healthy and sing daunting and overwhelming and it's a crossroads. Can I do it? Can I practice? Can I warm-up each day? Can I speak healthy all the time? Will I?


Liz&Meg said...

That was so fun to read your post because that's what I used to do for a living!! Resonant Voice Therapy! good luck!

Lisa said...

I would love it if you sang to me while I worked out.

Beth said...

Very interesting post. I would think things like this take a lot of work and patience. Good luck.