Thursday, September 17, 2009

Third Person Thursday

She went to a concert.

It was the second day of school, and that night she had to go. And she did not want to go. She was grumpy and just wanting to stay home in her pajamas and have a meltdown just like the girls had. Her husband asked if she would change her attitude once she got thank you.

But the thing about music is that it can change attitudes, lift spirits, affect people. She was affected.

The Shanghai String Quartet, with their bow ties and their wedding rings on the right finger (she and her husband switched theirs to the right hand in honor of Shanghai), and the disturbing Debussy they played, she was moved.

Next up, Ljova and the Kontraband. Sounds new to the ears, listening to this composition, especially "The Old Apartment" kept her awake when she was at most risk for snoozing...early bedtime and all.

After intermission, Nauman Khan Lasharie, who she is pretty sure is Pakistani, brought a new (to her) flavor to the stage. She loved the beats and especially the very non-Pakistani musicians playing it deadpan, with the exception of Tabla player Nitin Mitta, who she thought was just fantastic.

The grand finale was Ms. Mary Wilson of the Supremes. She came on stage with a frock similar to the blue one shown in the youtube video below, only it was gold, and Ms. Wilson dramatically stepped out of it, towards the end of the song: Here's To Life.

After Mary's torch songs is when she and her husband started feeling a little maybe the evening was coming to a slow, dead halt. Thankfully Ms. Wilson turned to her Supremes standards, brought out her back up singer and violist Ljova to spice up My World is Empty and You Can't Hurry Love. The audience was pretty mellow, so she was surprised when Ms. Wilson invited/encouraged audience members to come to the stage.

She noticed an overly eager fan (with a glitter-beaded yarmulke) who REALLY wanted to be on stage with Ms. Wilson. As he headed up she thought: I cannot let this crazy man alone with Mary Wilson on the stage. She thought he was a little too crazy. So, she headed up as well.

She decided that she needed to diffuse his overly-sexual dancing, (picture gyrating motions toward the poor woman trying to sing an innocent little Supremes song), by imitating him. So, she did. She had a great time, and her attitude suddenly improved exponentially. She loves a stage after all.

When it was all over, she forgot that there was an audience full of people watching her dance...she was surprised by the comments: You are a great dancer....Are you an actor? That was the best part of the night....yadda yadda. She found the whole thing quite funny, especially since she was an invited guest of her CHURCH, members of which were occupying an entire row of the theatre.

She had to get home to the little ones, so only got one shot with Ms. Wilson on her way out...

She summed up her night with one word: Supreme.


hdknowles said...

So where is the video of you dancing on stage? That must have been priceless. I can only imagine what you looked like, and wonder what the reaction of the man you were imitating was. YouTube, where are you when we need you?

kristie sessions said...

wow. that sounds awesome! especially you mimicking mr. pervert. so glad your church friends got to see you. just wish i was there too ; )
glad the night ended on an up note!

Rachel H said...

Omy gosh!! How fun and funny! That sounds totally awesome! ha! That looks like it was really a fun date night...interesting musical assortment!