Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Today Show

Last Thursday the Posse headed to Rock Center.

We prepared the night before by making signs about School Year's Eve and going to bed extra early.

We were in line to be in the audience quite early. The girls hung out in their double camping chairs. The Chock Full o Nuts truck was giving out free bagels and hot cocoa, so the girls enjoyed a second breakfast. The first people in line were there for the NEXT morning, Miley Cyrus. yikes. So glad that wasn't our morning.

Waiting in line was fun, but waiting on the plaza was a bit mor torturous. It was c-c-c-cold. We huddled together with the Cookie Mag girls and did our best to get the word out about School Year's Eve.

We ended up getting some screen time behind Matt, Al and Ann, and then as we lingered on the plaza we saw Ms. Stewart getting ready for her segment.

After the show I said goodbye to my girlies and rushed to a wrangling job. By 9:30 that night I was completely out. It was a long, adventurous day.


Ann said...

saw you guys! looked like fun!!

sarah said...

I want those chairs.

Angie said...

I'm trying to imagine it cold there right now. I can't. You all look great and it looks like it was a fun morning!

Petit Elefant said...

I love the idea of School Year's Eve. Really, that's such a fun idea. In fact, the Nie's does crowns and a full dinner. I've got to get more creative.