Wednesday, October 14, 2009


As has become tradition the past few years, the girls sketched their jack-o-lanterns, and I carved them. Unfortunately Lolly picked the thickest, hardest, toughest pumpkin I have ever encountered. I am surprised that I did not lose a finger or an arm carving this sucker. If it had been softer, I would have done better on the details of her mouth-drawing.

We watched Disney's Sword in the Stone for the first time, while we cleaned out the pumpkins, carved, and sorted pumpkin seeds.

My friend Carrie inspired me to carve a pumpkin head of one of our church leaders. She sent me the link to make a stencil, which was very helpful. I chose this man because I thought his glasses might be distinct enough that someone could recognize him. I am going to enter it in our church congregation's pumpkin-carving contest. I mean no disrespect, I mean it as an honor.

Henry B Eyring:

Look how happy they look:

It was a long afternoon, which required some spousal support, and even though it was his night at church (I try to have it all together at least one night a week, and it's Tuesday!), he came right in, surveyed the pumpkin from ceiling to floor and got straight to cleaning up the spaghetti that I managed to pull together.

The Halloween Festivities continue...


NTG said...
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Linz said...

I like the cat whiskers...cute.

(deleted that last comment because I was signed in as NTG.)

Kage said...

That's a rabbit.

SamyoD said...

I like the rabbit whiskers.

kristie sessions said...

they are all cute.... well Eyring isn't cute persay, but its a good job nonetheless. hope you win!