Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I kissed a goat, and I liked it.

Twitter is good for some things, pretty sure I found out about this farm through Twitter. Located in NJ, and for some reason no traffic between here and there. It was a Columbus Day Miracle. I liked the farm because it wasn't too crowded, too commercial or too crazy. It was cold though. Brrrrrr........

I tried to force the kids to recreate a pic of them in a pumpkin patch when Lolly was about 6 months old. She got a little big.

This turkey looked so cool and was in full gobble-mode. I WISH I had that camera going when he unexpectedly chortled, we got some good scared faces out of our kiddos. Later Lolly had a 10-minute conversation with a rooster. Seriously, they each took a turn cock-a-doodle-dooing. She is our little animal whisperer.


Lisa said...

Love the goat kiss! A perfect Fall day activity.

MKC said...

I miss the old fashioned pumpkin patches. It seems around here that most of the pumpkin patches have to have rides, jolly jumps, etc. We also have a farm, but they charge $10 each for anyone over the age of 2! I think kids will be perfectly entertained by going to a pumpkin patch that has pumpkins and maybe a petting zoo, we don't have to have ridiculous amounts of rides, etc. to entertain them.