Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Love Scarf Project 2009

Knitters, I know you're out there.

How's your scarf coming?

Please consider knitting a scarf or a hat to donate to the Love Scarf Project in 2009! Now is the perfect time to sit down with a knitting project and think of how it will benefit a cancer patient stuck in the hospital for the holidays.

There are drop-offs in Chicagoland, Utah and NYC, but you can start your own Lovescarf Project (LSP)! This year Ms. Natasha has been teaching novice knitters how to get it done and our knitting group meets twice a month. Not only have we learned to knit, but we have grown closer as a congregation of women with diverse backgrounds. It's better then book club because we can go off topic!

I have learned that most knitters are extremely generous in teaching others their art. So, ask around, or google HOW TO KNIT...I bet you can get a donation together in time for the Holidays! Thanks for considering!

NYC's progress:

To check progress, sources and contact info, please visit the Love Scarf Blog!

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Reagan said...

i'm not a knitter. but this is where i'm commenting.

i am anticipating more posts on design mom ;)

this mouse is ruining my life. reading your post didn't make me feel better, but it did make me feel understood. i am afraid to walk around barefoot. i'm afraid to put on shoes (what if he is in them?). i am afraid that if i fall asleep, i will wake up with him walking around on my body or hair.

this is just terrible. i watched tutorials online for an hour last night on how to properly set mouse traps and get rid of them. i hope it works....