Friday, October 30, 2009


2 Weeks after HBO8, I tried my best to weasle my way out of a photoshoot that the Posse (plus fake Dad) were scheduled to do, but the producer friend of mine convinced me that I could do it. We didn't know then that I had a bleed in my brain that needed some serious recovery time. I was back to pushing myself to the limit.

I love the photo of me lying on the floor in a pile of crayons. That photo represents my parenting experience for the rest of that year.

I was so out of it, I brought like one option of clothes for each of us, and the stylist looked at me like I was crazy: "You only brought this? Well, what goes with this?" etc. I was totally out of my mind! I was still on the first meds, and a few days after the shoot is when I had the allergic reaction: A thick red rash all over my neck. Lucky it didn't happen on the day of the shoot!

Anyway, despite everything being wrong about the shoot (including my hair! Oi! Vey!), we got a few cute frames out of it, and here is the proof:


Lisa said...

Oh, I love it! But your real Dad is cuter!

Angie said...

Wow, look at you with long hair. I like the crayon picture too.