Thursday, October 08, 2009

Third Person Thursday

She had an audition where she had to be a hostess with the mostess.

A few words to describe her character: Jenny and Mccarthy and a few other things.

She tried to understate her required hot, sexy wardrobe and simplify, let her smoky, sexy eyes do the talking. She removed all evidence of her real life (which ironically is kind of similar to the 2009 Jenny McCarthy, but she's pretty sure that's NOT what they meant), by leaving her children and wedding rings at home, safe and sound.

A few things she was expecting: cue cards, a casting director, having to picture co-hosts and interviewee with her imagination.

Instead she walked into a room full of people, fully-loaded teleprompter, an actor as interviewee and another actor as co-host.

She also did not expect the interview. The girl asking her questions was so nice and cool asking her questions to get to know her. Unfortunately she couldn't keep her single-girl charade up that long.

Among other things, she asked:

"Do you read Us Weekly? and the entertainment blogs?"

(Uh....) "I read Us Weekly on occasion..." (Which is true, because when it's in the recycling closet in her building she pages through it. "...I am a blogger, but I am not up on my entertainment blogs." (She couldn't even remember the word Perez Hilton, and thought Goop didn't count).

"Well, what would you say is your favorite blog?"

"Um....well......see.....I'm a ......Mah-uh-um." (The word Mom seemed so long and drawn out, a confession of sorts.)

(Interviewer had an inquiring look)

"So, my favorite blog is Design Mom."

It probably felt more awkward to her then it really was, but the interview was so excruciating, she thought every word she said gave her away as a totally not sexy and not hot hostess. She was relieved when it was time to say scripted words instead of her own.

She did pretty well with the prompter script and with the impromptu interview part. After it was all over, she felt that she had redeemed herself a bit.

And then, as she was leaving, the interviewer asked, pen and paper in hand: "Oh, what's your blog address?"

She looked at her with horror: "Really? Are you sure? Why?"

"I'm just curious."

Hesitating, " it is:" (

She thought, "why stop telling the truth now?," and gave it to her.

And for the record, had the sweatiest pits after an audition to date. And she's been to a lot of auditions.

ps. 30 1/2 today.

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kristie sessions said...

i am laughing. not sure why. maybe its the feeling of awkwardness is so real I can feel it myself (and having been in a few of those situations, I know how painful it is!) but, i think in the long run, it was probably best to be honest. you just got a blog follower out of it. i am sure she will get a kick out of reading about your perspective of the experience ; )