Thursday, October 29, 2009

Third Person Thursday

She saw a crazy old lady with red-colored lips clumsily applied to her wrinkled lips. It looked like she was trying to tell her something...

She thought: "Crazy lady, criticizing my parenting..."

Next thought: "Maybe I better double-check!"

She doubled back and approached her: "Are you talking to me?"

The lady said: "I need a cab."

She ordered her daughter to stand by the lady and then the lady ordered her daughter to stay by her too. The lady didn't realize how scary she looked and sounded with her walker, red hat, those lips.

As she tried to hail a cab a giant truck pulled in front of her and started to back up right in front of where the lady was waiting. She approached the truck and asked him to please not pull right in front of the woman in need. He said ok and then pulled in front of her anyway.

She could see no cabs so she asked the lady if she could walk to the corner. She went a little ahead so that she could be catching a cab while the lady made her way. She looked back and saw the lady seemed to think she had been abandoned and stopped in her tracks. Just then she saw a cab with it's light on. She leapt out into the street and the cab pulled over. Her daughter was trying to stay put but couldn't because she and the lady were moving from their appointed spots.

The lady approached the cab and bossed the driver about how to close the walker and at the same time held out her hand to her. She held her hand and it was so soft, it reminded her of a baby's hand. She remembered holding a soft little hand and helping her to walk, just as she was doing now. Life. It comes all the way around, back to the beginning. "God bless you" the lady spoke through her red lips.

She couldn't find words.


Alisa said...

Beautiful- I am trying to put into words a similar experience from about a year ago. You helped my mind go in the right direction.

Jen said...

wow...great story! I was just in the mood to read something like this...