Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tooth Fairy

A friend of mine asked me to help her with her costume for Halloween.

20 bucks, 20 minutes, and one nasty burn later:

The exposure's a bit hot. The letters TOOTH FAIRY I think look like little baby teeth. Later we added some curled ribbons to the wand, Lolly said: "These ribbons are the magic!" So, if you want a quick 'stume, here's a little idea!

And for a finishing detail, I had to have this little vintage toothpaste necklace as the finishing touch.


Anonymous said...

I believe it is you in the picture that is on the front page of Yahoo for Yahoo mail. It is you with a man and a little kid (possibly wearing a bunny suit).

Kage said...

Anon, can you believe I have yet to see that? And yahoo is mu homepage... Yup, it's me, Lolly as a cow and one in a long line if fake husbands... Good eye!

Pamela said...

too cute.