Sunday, November 22, 2009

As if you needed another reason to love TARGET

A high point of the foot injury: of COURSE I've always wanted to try one:

Look at that lady pushing the stroller behind me, she's totally jeal.


Catherine said...

you go girl!!!!

kristie sessions said...

you totally need one of those for the street... and your house...and church... you could bling it out and everything!

Ann said...

that's awesome! i've always wanted to try one too-but i'll wait until i'm old and wrinkly instead of doing it your way ;). hope you're healing quickly! thinking of you!!

simply seleta said...

I've always wanted to drive one of those. I'm jealous. All you need is a megaphone to tell people to move aside when you're in a tight isle.

P.S. Been reading you for about a month now. I'm also a child of four and a mother of four. We're a city family who moved to the beach....I love reading about your exciting life in the city. I sure miss doing my TV work.