Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday

Right before bed on Thanksgiving night, Phoebe had a request:

"Can we please! PLEASE! go to the crewcuts outlet to go shopping in the morning?"

Jason really wanted to go too. See, we got this postcard, and CLEARANCE items were 40% off before 8 AM.

This is why we left our house at 5.

I only agreed to this plan after Jason researched the wheelchair situation at the outlet.

We picked up our friends and headed out.

As we approached the outlet, we saw many pedestrians walking away from the outlet, loaded down with bags. There were tons of cops there to manage the traffic. Perhaps there was crazy traffic throughout the night, because I know this year many retailers were open at midnight (J Crew, 9 pm Thursday night), so people could shop ALL. NIGHT. LONG. We did not experience any crazy traffic at around 6 AM though.

We drove in, and on our way to the closest parking lot, I asked to be dropped off near the handicap parking, and lo and behold there was a parking spot that was actually CLOSER to the stores then the handicap spots, and no sign telling us we couldn't park there. It was another Thanksgiving Miracle. And the third PARKING miracle since the Foot Break of 2009. (FB09).

We were close enough to J Crew, that I hobbled there as fast as I could and shopped in the madness. It wasn't all mad, one of the first people I saw in the store was begging to get her photo taken:

As I watched people weighed down with bags and bags, drinking lots of coffees, eating entire DINNERS around 7 AM, I found myself wanting to know everybody's story. And WHAT were in those bags?

After JCrew, we acquired my wheelchair. This is when we really started KILLING the outlet black friday madness. My favorite purchase of the day was some shorts from the lulu lemon outlet. I never GOT the craze or the price, but now that I have sampled, I get it. And it has already helped motivate me to not let the workouts go. I biked yesterday for the first time since FB09 and things are looking up.


kj said...

That looks like such an adventure. Isn't it interesting how you are treated and looked/not looked at when you're in a wheelchair? I've had 3 wheelchair occasions myself since September. Another something to be grateful for. I'm happy you got to shop with your family and that it is getting easier to deal with your injury.

Kage said...

kj, it was interesting. I got stuck in a door and in a grate, and both times, a stranger quickly came to my aid.

I also got a few pairs of shoes at one of the outlets (ironic I know), and my friend was like: Where did you see shoes? Well, you see things in a different way when you are half your height!

kristie sessions said...

I am impressed by the courage of the whole family! The only thing i wanted to be doing at 5am on Black friday is s.l.e.e.p.i.n.g. you guys rock!