Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Can we talk about this pencil sharpener for a second?

I sat there and stared at the offereings: modern? electric? plug-in? battery? 20 bucks? 50?

OR...old school?

I SO made the right choice. I sharpened 10 pencils in under a minute.

Now, that's something to blog about:

Yes, I was a crosstitcher in a past life. It's Fall Ya'll!


HHRose said...

I can't explain it, but this post makes me miss you and want to have coffee with you. Or a cupcake. Or both for me and a just a cupcake for you. Maybe with some CIB. For you, not me. I think that stuff is gross.

Kage said...

Hhr, I want to "have coffee" too! What's CIB? I'm not down with the young kids lingo!

hymas fam said...

Hey Kage, I just bought some yarn for some scarves today! can't wait to put the kiddos to bed tonight and plop on the couch... just me, some knitting and my dvr!

Rachel H said...

We have a super OLD super SOLID pencil sharpener on the way down to our "dungeon" basement of our house (over 100 year old one, y'know!) and I cannot say how much I DO use and LOVE that darn thing.

HHRose said...

Um, Carnation Instant Breakfast? (You were the "young kid" who invented that one, I think.)

Kage said...

Oh yes! I think of it as IB!