Wednesday, November 18, 2009


And here it is in pictures:

Phoebe read to me while we waited. That was the only time I laughed all day:

I waited in this wheelchair for many hours, I really wanted to take it home:

The procedure:

I'm sort of in love with my brown corduroy pants. I even think about how I'm going to recreate them once they are completely worn out. Anyway, I wanted to save them, so I fashioned a hospital gown skirt for the ride home:

This is really big:

Jason gave me a live demonstration on how to use the crutches. I'm still pretty terrible at using them. My biggest challenge is remembering which foot is my right and which is my left and then how to respond to that with the right crutch in the right place at the right time.


Janet said...

Jason's a pro. What a great live demonstration.

What size did you say your new heels were?

LMT said...

I hope you enjoy the "down" time. Is this a blessing in disguise? Happy Thanksgiving!

Kage said...

I am returning the new heels that I bought for the concert next week. Jason is convinced by then I will be able to slip them on to sing and slip them off, but I am not in that camp.

LMT, This is the most frustrating thing ever. Thanksgiving is next week, I'm cooking! I have a concert in 2 weeks, I'm performing! And so it's stressful! Trying, honestly trying to look on the bright side. The new thing is: how can I get this room clean? How can I take a shower? It's like being a baby.

kristie sessions said...

too big??? you think that thing is too big?? whatev... (ok, its pretty darned big.)
but you know there is a bright side. you may feel like a baby, but at least you don't still wear a diaper. could really be worse ; )
you know i love you and to tease you means to love you in all the horribleness of this situation.
hang in there!

Jen said...

Oh K....I was always terrified of breaking (or even spraining...a lower extremity when I lived there) and now it has YOU! I am so sorry! There is just no easy way to deal with it in that city!

Really. Cancel your Thanksgiving guests. They will understand.

Linz said...

I really love this photo documentation. Can just hear Phoeble's voice reading and love DH's pic. Very smart to make a little skirt to save your pants.

Lisa said...

You gotta love Slim J!

hdknowles said...

I like how your sock is the same color as the cast - glad you got something a little smaller. I hate crutches. Just be careful and take your time when you are walking. Not a good time of year for this - but maybe you can request a wheelchair at the airport when you go to Chicago!