Monday, November 30, 2009

In the Zone

I live a polarized life. It's up or it's down. It's sometimes extreme. Right now both are working at once. It's down because of the injury and all I need to do...but the stuff I need to do is up. Get it?

I also live my life sometimes from one big thing to the next. Like little rocks in a pond....Ok, big rocks. So recently the rocks: Thanksgiving and my upcoming concert. Until I am done with the concert rock, I have a hard time thinking about anything else. Jason calls it THE ZONE.

Clothing Options gathered
Practiced pieces
Christmas presents organized to transport
Airport Wheelchair ordered
Coat, Contacts, Glasses picked up
Prescriptions Refilled
Boot Cozy knitted
Christmas decorations up

Decide on my outfit
Practice some more
Plan meals for my family while I'm away
Figure out what will take the place of "3 days to shop while I'm there" now that I'm injured
Paint nails
Finish addressing cards


Rachel H said...

I totally get that "In the zone" thing. I am like that too.

hdknowles said...

To do: online shopping (best for your foot). By the way, no pressure, but you are still in the running for the first Christmas card we receive this year!