Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Latest Lovescarf Creation

It's cozy!

I didn't have enough yarn for an entire scarf, so I made a little ascot instead. It needed a tiny flower to spruce it up. New skills: button hole and flower!


kj said...

Way to go, knit buttonhole to the rescue. That is as cute as can be! Not to add pressure, but when you learn to crochet, you can make more flowers. Or after the holidays, could whip some out for you. If I find any strays I'll send them to you.

A-me said...

ohhhh i love it! I need to learn to knit dang it. I should have the mommy teach me this weekend... maybe she's reading this. Heads up mom! :)

Linz said...

The word "ascot" alone makes me happy and you look very cute in your picture.

Anonymous said...

very cute!