Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday Memo

Monday, (yesterday):

I awoke at 5:30, and checked to see if the hot water had magically restored itself over night. It hadn't, so I put three pots of water on the stove on medium while I went down to the gym and ran 2 miles.

After my workout, I started to concoct a shallow bath for myself. I absolutely cannot handle a cold shower. This involved a few more rounds of heating water in my pots and even then, the shallow bath was warm at best. I got through it though!

After our violin practice I went to blow-dry my hair with my broken hair dryer. My regular hair dryer broke-broke (kind of exploded inside) on Saturday, but I saved the other broken hairdryer as a back-up for JUST this situation. For your information, hair-dryers provide hot air for a reason, much more effective in drying hair at a rapid rate and in warm snuggly comfort, then the cold air just blowing on your hair doing nothing but slowly, very slowly drying hair, after a luke-warm, shallow bath...

I conquered the coldness!

Lolly and I then headed out to a busy day: drop-off, attend Phoebe's lesson, print go-see, audition, pick-up Lolly, pick-up Phoebe, head home.

During our transfer at around 8:45, Lolly and I walked down one flight of stairs. She was talking my ear off about her cousin and I said: "Can you please hold that thought because I'm concentrating on walking?" (no joke, I really thought it important to focus on walking that morning). On the second set of stairs, on my fourth step, suddenly I found myself sitting on the second stair. We dropped Lolly's backpack and someone handed it to me and then we got up and made our way down the rest of the stairs. Lolly was all tears and said she hurt her bum and her foot. I picked her up and comforted her and then realized I was hurt too.

When I could not really walk at all, just hobbled slowly, and it took me longer to cross the street then the electronic walk/don't walk sign allowed, I suspected I was in trouble. I made it to Lolly's school and decided I needed to change the schedule. Instead of Phoebe's lesson I decided to ice. I elevated as much as I could with a bag of frozen edamame on my rapidly-swelling foot.

I asked a few parents for their opinion and a variety were given. I then decided that I would just ignore the fact that I could not walk and get on with my castings. I took a bus and then the subway and walked the half block to the first casting. I consulted with a few friends there, and they agreed my foot wasn't looking too good. I took a cab to the next audition, and in between called my doctor for a recommendation of a foot doctor.

My walking was getting slower and slower and very difficult, so I called the foot doctor and got an appointment. I showed up 2 and a half hours early because I couldn't do anything but sit, elevate and ice. I got all settled in the waiting room and then I was told that their office was not covered by my insurance. The doctor noticed that I was having a meltdown in the waiting room and that my foot was rather large and he would not let me leave.

He took some pictures and there it was: A fracture named Jones. And due to the whole insurance situation, he sent me away with a minimal charge for his service. He was the highlight of my day. A man who would not let the system dictate his decisions. He saw that I was in serious need and attended to me in haste.

I went to the ER...the place I was TRYING to avoid all along, and was home 8 hours later. I only had one other meltdown when I was freezing cold, overly hungry and alone. An otis spunkmeyer muffin, frosted cornflakes and strawberry yogurt scarfed down in about 2.5 minutes made me feel a bit better, but I was still in a puddle of tears. I asked a hospital employee in the hallway for some kleenex, her reply: "What's it for?"

"My nose!" (that was my second curse of the day, the first one was a bit harsher at the first doctor's office.)

I had a hard time staying out of the dark place: my anti-seizure drug makes my bones weak! That's why this happened! I am aging faster then I should! This is so stupid! Why is this happening to me! How can I even do any job now? What am I going to look like for my concert in a few weeks? What about my cute new heels? Why did the subway betray me like this? Ice skating? No more ice skating?

You get the idea.

And I still don't know what I'm gonna do today, and tomorrow and for Thanksgiving and for my flight to Chicago and how I'm going to pick up my kids on crutches and everything else.

But I do know that I have wonderful family and friends who always pick me up when I'm down. I got home from the hospital and my daughters had written me a letter: We Hope you feel Better! We will pray for your broken foot. Love, Phoebe & Lolly.

And so I cried again.


heather said...

I'm so sorry lady. Some chicken noodle soup coming your way from the ricciardis (sending this as I do not know what the foot breaking equivalent food comforter is!)

jlk said...

Son of a nutcracker! So sorry!!!

Janet said...

Sorry about your misfortune. I felt the same way this summer when I crashed on my bike and tore my lateral miniscus (sp?). Hurt for a long time. GET WELL SOON so you can keep up with your schedule.

Linz said...


ReeSesPcS said...

No fun!! Sorry to hear. I hope it heals real quick.

Sara said...

Sucks. Just sucks. Will call later :)

D said...

I read the "Treatment" section on the link you provided, and I'm terribly curious which one they chose for you:

Treatment of an acute Jones fracture that is not significantly displaced consists of a cast, splint or walking boot for 4–8 weeks. Patients should not place weight on the foot until instructed by their doctor. Three-fourths of those treated conservatively should heal.

In the case of acute fracture in an athlete, a dynamic compression plate can be placed on the tension side of the fracture, K-Wire with Monofiament wire in a figure 8 fashion due to the nature of a transverse fracture. Internal fixation with cortical or cancellous screw would require an oblique fracture that could be addressed thru "The rule of 2's" in regards to Internal fixation with screws.

SamyoD said...

!!!! Sorry again.

I know your pain though and felt it again the other night. I forgot to tell you on the phone that the other day, I woke up from a weird dream where I had broken my foot again playing basketball, but they put the cast on the wrong foot so I when I went to stand up, I just collapsed there on my face. When I woke up, where I broke my foot 7 years ago hurt!! Maybe it was an omen.. hah ;)

FEEL BETTER THOUGH! Just make sure you can do some Christmas dancing. I'm telling you though, with the cast and if they give u a walking shoe, life is good. You can do even more with that thing, just get some mitten for your toes. haha

This is Carrie said...

So sorry! That just totally sucks. I hope you have a cast that people can draw pretty pictures on.

Cardon + Kelly Webb said...

I am sorry. That is no fun. You must have big blessings coming your way. Let me know if i can do anything to help, anything at all.

Anonymous said...

you look so pretty even when you dont feel good! lil' jealous here!!!

Lisa said...

Love you...........

A-me said...

thinking of you!


Kage said...

D, the doc at the hospital gave me a splint that might as well be called a plaster cast covered in ace bandage. He told me to see a specialist in 2 weeks for xrays and possible upgrade to a walking boot for 2 more weeks. BUT after a day of struggling, I have found a doctor that will not see me in 2 weeks, but insists on seeing me tomorrow, and I'm told he'll probably take the splint off and re-evaluate the situation. So, I will have more answers later.

Heather said...

Oh man Kage! That sucks. Wish I was there to nurse you back to health!

hdknowles said...

Glad you are not waiting the two weeks, and I hope you are going to an orthopedic doctor. A good fitting brace, cast, etc., will make you feel a hundred percent better. Ice and elevation the first 48 hours. Sorry you have to go through this, but maybe this will work to your advantage (I found last year while on the crutches, people were opening doors and being very helpful). Wish I were closer to help you out. Take it easy.

Saundi said...

So sorry. I also broke my fifth metatarsal the summer before my sophomore year at PSU. I remember the first few days slowly and painfully dragging my foot sideways behind me and my brother imitating me thinking it was rather comical. The doctor recommended that I just let it heal itself, not use a cast or boot (of course, that was over 15 yrs ago now!) as he said it would take longer for me to rehab it and I needed to be ready for volleyball preseason two months later. It healed so well, that I had to actually feel the bone tonight to figure out which foot it was. Hope you have a speedy recovery, too!

margo said...

what a pain....so sorry....heal quickly! sending our love your way.

akdoxey said...

I think you should change your name to Job. Sorry about the break, and I'm so happy you found a nice man to alleviate some of the financial pain...I've totally been in that position before and it sure makes everything better for a second.

Doug wants to know who the podiatrist was.

Wish we could help ya!