Monday, November 30, 2009

November Loves

Peed like 6 times in 2 hours and I could not figure out why. I kept asking her if it hurt or if she just had the sensation but no pee. Nope. TONS of pee every time. And then I realized that during her bath she was filling up an old bottle (clean) of bubble bath with water and drinking the whole thing, many times over. I know, the whole thing is disgusting, but glad I figured out why she kept peeing.
Why do Boots and Dora never have to go to the bathroom?
Someone said to you: "You're a hero!" and you clarified: "No, I'm a princess Hero!"
Being SO excited that you had no bugs after lice-check day.
Giving my foot a wide girth when you passed it.
We were playing Cinderalla and Sleeping Beauty, I asked you how your castle was, and you replied: "It's so Pink-ah-shink-is"
Playing so hard on Thanksgiving you forgot about poop!
Adding Swirly (pointer finger going in circles high above your head) to the Rock, Paper & Scissors options. Swirly beats everything.

night before Election Day: SO! What's the plan for tomorrow? (NO SCHOOL!)
teaching Lolly Rock, Paper, Scissors on the bus. So funny
Getting lots of good grades! Hooray!
Suggesting Daddy and I go see AVATAR. Once I saw the preview, I thought that was funny for some reason.
Reading me Geronimo Stilton outloud while we waited for the surgeon at the hospital.
Focusing so well on practicing.
Being so excited about all things Holiday!
Begging us to wake up at 4:30 to shop on Black Friday!

Supporting me through my broken foot day.
Being there for me during my crisis.
Taking care of everything and everybody all the time.
Ikea meltdown.
New obsession with Country music.
Enthusiasm for Parade, Dinner and Black Friday!
Asking me before you left for the parade: "So, should I like, bring a camera or something?" Now I know if I die, everything will be ok!

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