Sunday, November 01, 2009

October Loves

Mom, I am the princess, and you are the queen and daddy's the king, and phoebe's the maid.
Dad! You smell good! You smell like, California!
Look, my new silver tooth looks like Unicorn blood!
Ruining so many different takes of our recording: clapping (twice), yell-singing, scolding sister, "Mom, I have to go to the bathroom!" I tried to explain that the mic picks up everything, but it was just never clear in your mind. Plan B.
Wanting to dress up like a witch too, being disappointed when the baby's didn't like you as much as they liked me. Well, that's because you stuck your green face with smeared black eye-makeup (from itching) really close to their faces and yelled BOO!

Lolly: "Mom, I feel like nobody in this family believes anything I say."
Me: "Well, honey, we don't always believe what you say because you don't tell the truth very often."
Lolly: "Phoebe said: You are the worst sister in the world."
Me: "Did she really say that?"
Lolly: "No, I just maked-ed that up."
Me: "Maybe that's why you feel the way you are feeling. But just know that we still love you and want to help you tell the truth more, and learn to believe you."

I lost you at our Halloween Party and you had found someone painting faces and got a pig face painted on to match your Olivia costume.

Calling me a Futune Teller (like pronounce future, but combing it with fortune) the night I was dressed like one. Trying to break dance that same night.

I noticed she had a name tag on at our party and I asked why she had written her name on a nametag? Her answer: "Because, I wanted everyone to know my name." Of course, what was I thinking?

She was telling me about a friend of hers who said she was famous because of her family's business. I said: "If she has to TELL you she's famous, she's probably not that famous." She said: "Mom, I think you are a really good actress, and so I think you are like a quarter of Jay-Z's famous."

Me: Will you please stop humming that same section of POPULAR over and over....please pick something else to sing.
Ph: Mom, I go the whole day without singing! Can't you just please let me sing? I only get to sing for 1 period on Thursdays and that's chorus, the rest of the time I can't sing 1 thing!
(I never thought of that before. She sings ALL DAY and how it must be hard to NOT sing at sweet.)

Learning how to REPEAT a LOT during violin practice. Every time she repeats she gets another marble in the carafe. Once she gets 300 marbles, she gets a milkshake.

Your teacher tried to ruffle your feathers in your lesson last week and you would NOT be ruffled. Nice work lady.

Asking Dad to put a Fruit-by-the-foot in your lunchbox everyday for trading. You said: "It's a big seller!"

Back to the Jay-Z convo: "Phoebe, how famous am I compared to Jay-Z?"
Phoebz: "You are like half a quarter of Jay Z famous"

Jason asks Lolly: Why is it that you can't remember everything that happened in your day?
Lolly: Because I'm 4!

Giving the MAN and VIOLIN all the change in your pocket after reading my post, and setting a goal to ask him a question next time.

The flowers. They smelled so pretty!

The gift of the eye twitch. It's so annoying, but it does forece me to breathe and have the conversation with myself: What's causing anxiety right now? And then eliminating it.

Singing in the cabaret...the run-through didn't go so well, but I knew I could use my new healthy voice and still sound great, and that's what happened for the performance! Yea!

Posting on Design was cool and fun.

For making October go from my dreaded month to FANTASTIC!


hdknowles said...

Glad you got to see a different October this year. What a fun month for you and yours.

Alisa said...

Loved your daughters sweet comment on not being able to sing all day. What a realization!