Friday, November 06, 2009


I have been flirting with a cold for the past few days, but it finally HIT me like a ton of bricks yesterday. I even skipped knitting group, that's how bad it is, was, is.

And now I have a callback for Olive Garden. I think this is the third time I have been called back and put on hold for OG. Last week at the first appointment some of my fellow actor's sitting around in white shirts and khakis were commenting on my white shirt and pencil skirt and yellow-striped leggings with tall boots. My agent did not specify khakis, I even double-checked the email. Apparently, actors have been sent home at callbacks if not wearing the exact proper attire.

So, since it has come to my attention recently that I have not booked a commercial since Feb. 2008 (I have been on hold for about hundred and two of course, but no dice), I feel it is important to not mess this up. I needed khakis. BUT! Khakis are not hitting the shelves just now. After failing at the Gap (really? only cropped and size 16? what?), I headed to J. Crew. I picked up the only 2 pairs that qualified there and now I know why I don't own khakis:

The pair on the left cost 15 dollars and the pair on the right, 50 dollars, only because they were on promotion, so I got 10 dollars off. I thought I might look better in the ones on the right, but really I just look bad in both. YES, I tried a size lower but they were a little tight in my FRONT-THIGH fat (a new addition since "the 30's"), and so these loose, unflattering khaki's are it.

I chose the left pair because I like the color better, they are incrementally more flattering and 35 bucks cheaper. And I'm hoping a whole lot of good luck!

After a long day of feeling cloudy, depressed about khakis, lamenting the fact that I happened to wear my white shirt the entire day before I had to wear it again, and wishing to be cozy in my bed with my fuzzy socks on, my friend Mr. Gilbert gave me exactly what I needed: My first forray into the unknown world of Pumpkin Spice Hershey's Kisses:

I've been searching for months, ever since he started Facebooking about them, and even had a false alarm when he met me last week to deliver them, but accidentally brought CARAMEL instead. And they were worth the wait. They're kind of great.


Lisa said...

Reading this makes me want to rush over with chicken soup. Feel better, my dear.

teamZ said...

I never found pumpkin spice this year. Hope you feel better!

kristie sessions said...

the pants on the left are definitely better. more flattering and un-FAT-tering. good choice. and good luck!!

kj said...

Knitting Group? I am excited for you. A group is pretty motivating.

Anonymous said...

Why not have a tailor make you a pair of khaki pants that fit? Surely this would be completely justified as a business expense?

Kage said...

Anon, right? We have an awesome tailor... Slim J has had 90% of his wardrobe altered sometimes twice as he has lost over 50 pounds in the past 18 months. If I had more than 10 hours notice, maybe worth it. Fortunately, I was sitting at a table for the audition, so it's really not a big deal in the end.... But If I find there is an increase in khaki pants needs, it will go on the list of priorities!