Sunday, November 15, 2009

Paper Bag Princess

Lolly was invited to a Paper-Bag Princess Party.

We had some postal paper to wrap her gift in, and some left over to make a crown!

She requested a "complete princess makeover" which involved makeup and a lot of glitter and lipgloss.

Yes, I agree, she does look Pope-ish:

Once we got to the party she exchanged her self-made paper bag crown for the party's offering. We designed together a project runway-worthy paper bag dress, but she did not want to wear it. It was pretty cute though. Here we are listening to the birthday girl and her Dad read Paper Bag Princess:

It was a nice Mommy/Lolly afternoon.


kj said...

A novel party idea! Sidenote: our 2009 Love Scarves ship this week.

Anonymous said...

are those scratches? what happened to her cheek?

Linz said...

Cute idea for a party. I like your crown creation.

Kage said...

anon, face paint. Self-applied