Sunday, November 01, 2009

Party Round-Up

Party #1: Halloween Dance Party featuring new friend Ashley, AKA Mama Rocks! Lolly found a face-painter and requested a pig face to match the rest of her outfit.

Party #2: A Halloween Hoedown. The kids loved square dancing. I was to volunteer to be a fortune teller, but the square dancing was in need of some serious adult help, so I became square-dance-helper, and did not tell a single fortune, despite bringing a fortune teller with me, that youtube reminded me how to make.

A little tip, if you decide to wear every bracelet you own as part of your Gypsy/Fortune teller costume, put them on last. Putting on my makeup with those things on my wrist was a mini workout.

Party #3: The Bronx. On Halloween Day we had 3, count them, 3 parties to attend. We started up north and did a little old-fashioned, door-to-door trick-or-treating. The weather was amazing, Miss Judy Jetson did NOT really need her hoody.

Party #4: Upper West Side. We stopped by the UWS for a much-too-brief hour to say hi to some of our friends:

Party #5: Trunk-or-treat. The moon was amazing. I took some wicked pix of friends, ours turned out blurry, but with some affects, looks kinda sweet. We danced and laughed and had such a great time seeing everybody's costumes! My head was so sweaty and my feet SO sore. And I was a winner!


Catherine said...

You have a fur for every costume, lady and I kinda like that. X

Kage said...

Catherine! Hi!

And THAT would be my entire collection of furs. Seen on the pages of Party Round-Up.

kj said...

Keep the parties rollin'. Each pic tells the story so well. However the one of you two & the spooky man in the moon (do you see him) is dynomite. I think I see the perfect one for the 09 collage. Dancing, they are flying high. Fab ruffled skirt, Anthropologie??? I am grateful for the internet! It shares a lot of joy & love.

Linz said...

All costumes turned out soooo awesome! That moon pic is totally rad!

Rachel H said...

K, if I had THAT many parties to attend I'd be sportin' a SWEET costume too!! Our lame-o WARD party was hardly worth getting out of my PJ's for. That ruffly Gypsy skirt -WHERE from? SO CUTE!

Catherine said...

what great pictures! fun fun fun Glass Family FUN!

Kage said...

Skirt=anthropologie 2006 I think. I ADORE it still.