Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Pond-Opening Day

We couldn't resist opening day at The Pond at Bryant Park yesterday.

Both girls were on single blades this year. Lolly did so great, MUCH better then last year. She fell a lot when she got distracted by expert skaters doing tricks in the center, and by any groups of TEENS, but in general did great.

The music seemed to be a range of 70's. Loved hearing non-Christmas Karen Carpenter: We've Only Just Begun (reminded me of singing that in my 5th grade play!).

We only got around the ice about twice before it was time for Zamboni:

Tired girls after a few hours of skating. I was tired too. I am so grateful for my new skates. My ankles are much less sore this year, because I have a better-sized boot.

Looking forward to continued mild weather so that we can get our skate on some more!

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Lisa said...

That looks so fun. I love their brown outerwear.