Friday, November 27, 2009


LIST: Traditions
8th Annual Live Viewing of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Grandma Mabel's Cinnamon Roll Recipe for the parade (with a few Kage adjustments)
Grandma Jeanne's foil-covered solid chocolate Turkeys (usually found in the Bingo prize basket), adorning the table.
Mom Lisa's Orange Rolls--hers are better.
Mother-in-law Tina's apron that she handmade decades ago.

LIST: Miracles
Front-row seats at the parade.
Blogger friend Delilas finding the Posse among the masses.
Best Gravy EVER.
Chocolate Turkeys-50% off! Surprise!
Parking spot RIGHT outside Baskin-Robbins to acquire Ice Cream Turkey.

LIST: Something New
Decorated Gingerbread houses in lieu of football.
Soundtrack: Pandera Radio, Station: Sugarland, Christmas (My first COUNTRY Thanksgiving)
Surprise presents from Mom.
Christmas cards NOT in the mail the day after.

LIST: Classic
Receiving Texts during the parade from Whitney:
"Bomb Cinni Rolls"
"Phoebe's response to the parade: 'is that it?' Ha ha"
Lolly POOPED her pants. So glad I have the broken foot sometimes ; )
Jason cleans it ALL up (poop, food, you name it). Love that man.


kj said...

I'd do gingerbread houses any day in place of football. They turned out so cute. Cute, cute, cute. Love the pleased expression on Lolly's face. That is so cool to have Jason's Mom's apron. Missing parade fun = loss, missing poop mess = not

kristie sessions said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Looks like a fabulous time (uh... minus the poop. You rock Jason!)

Lisa said...

I love how you summed it all up!

Linz said...

Nice work! How on earth did you get it all done? Kudos on the gravy!