Sunday, November 29, 2009

Technicolor Dreams

I worked out on Friday. I rode the bike and attempted squats without much luck, did some crunches, bicep curls. It was low key.

On Saturday morning when I got out of bed my leg started throbbing, similar to the initial throbbing on the day I broke my foot. I made it through breakfast and then just felt riddled with pain. It was like a calf/shin splint/charlie horse, overwhelming pain. When I just touched my calf it was like: OUCH!

It was a lot of pain. I made a scene, laying on my bedroom floor. The kids looked alarmed. Jason explained I am an actor and need to create drama sometimes.

I popped some ibuprofen a few times and got through the day, but felt the workout made me backtrack a bit.

So, maybe I'll try again on Monday. Doc says I probably shouldn't hula hoop, but I'm kinda thinking I want to try it...more focus on my core then on my legs. After all, on the bike, you ONLY have your legs to help out.

My foot remains the technicolor wonder. In between each of my toes is a dark purple color, and my heel is all shades of purple. The swelling still gets less, but the colors get richer. I'm still doing a lot of sitting. Blah............

Friday night I dreamt about picking through people's hair looking for lice. I'm trying to interpret I looking for something? Am I bored by the monotony? Is my strong desire to be busy manifesting in dreams? Am I just paranoid?

Clearly I need to be working out more. Clearly I need to be working out less.


Alisa said...

Good luck with your recovery. Doesn't it seem often that its a step forward with many step backwards before we see any progress?
My favorite line in what you wrote is what your husband said- I will remember that with a certain child of mine. It will make some of our situations more manageable, and more comical. I might even enjoy the show. Knowing that they are having a hard time but probably working through it at the same time.

Jen said...

I'm sorry! I always feel more desperate to work out when I can't. Plus, when you're in a natural state of stress with a broken body, you want to do something to get rid of the stress. But then you can't.

I'm trying to remember how I worked out after my knee surgeries: swimming, upper body weights, and lots of big ball you have a big ball in your workout room? You can do sit-ups, push-ups...tons of core balancing exercises.