Thursday, November 05, 2009

Third Person Thursday

She got her filling replaced last Wednesday. 1 shot of lidocaine, then 2. He was good, very little pain.

The drilling began. She could feel it. She asked if it would get worse then that, because she could tolerate it if it stayed. It didn't stay. She felt a sharper pain and could feel her body tense up, so she asked for a little bit more.

BAM. She could tell that final shot was right in there.

She was numb for the next 5 hours. When it finally wore off she was relieved until the pain set in, then she was wishing she was still numb. She's had 3 root canals, 2 crowns, 4 wisdom teeth pulled and 2 previous fillings, and she could not recall pain like this. The pain was not the tooth, it was where that 3rd shot went in. She popped some ibuprofen and hoped it would get better.

It's now been a week, and guess what? Yup.

So, she looked it up:

"Wikipedia on local anesthetics says:

Localized Adverse Effects
The local adverse effects of anesthetic agents include neurovascular manifestations such as prolonged anesthesia (numbness) and paresthesia (tingling, feeling of "pins and needles", or strange sensations). These are symptoms of localized nerve impairment or nerve damage.
The risk of temporary or permanent nerve damage varies between different locations and types of nerve blocks.[1]
Permanent nerve damage after a peripheral nerve block is rare. Symptoms are very likely to resolve within a few weeks. The vast majority of those affected (92–97%), recover within four to six weeks. 99% of these people have recovered within a year. It is estimated that between 1 in 5,000 and 1 in 30,000 nerve blocks result in some degree of permanent persistent nerve damage.[1]
It is suggested that symptoms may continue to improve for up to 18 months following injury."

After reading this, she thought: Of course, she's the one. She just hopes it's a few weeks of discomfort and not 18 months or FOREVER.......!


D said...

My mom is in the "forever" camp. half of her tongue and part of her face are affected. Kind of semi-numb burning.

For that reason, I get kind of freaked out by the needle. However, I prefer to optimistic in your case. Permanent damage is really quite rare.

Kage said...

Oh no- I had no idea... Also from dental work?

hdknowles said...

I'm sure you spoken to an expert, like your dad, correct?

Kage said...

hdk, I called Dentist Dad right away and he immediately suggested I had been given Ardocaine. I said, no I had heard Lydocaine.

BUT I went back to the dentist yesterday and confirmed that my third shot was ARDOCAINE. The dentist says it always causes problems (then, why did you use it on me?). And my Dad will not use it anymore. your research and do not get that. My dentist pretty much told me 1 to 3 months and I would be better. Happy Holidays to me.

Beth said...

That's awful.

Theresa said...

Oh my, Kristy. I didn't have a clue that there were options in dental local anesthesia shots. I have an appointment next Tues so I am glad you filled me in :)
BTW, I found a dentist that I absolutely love here in NYC (after 3 really bad experiences elsewhere) so if you want a recommendation, let me know.
I hope you feel better soon!!