Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Blog Round-Up

Last January I found myself Fighting the Good Fight. February brought my loyal husband's birthday. He had been working hard to get fit and lose weight since that summer and was well on his way to his now svelte and strong figure. March gave way to the 1 year anniversary of HB08. It was an important milestone for me, because I had subconsciously given myself a year to recover.

The Eve of my 30th birthday video was a popular post. I enjoyed making it, even surprised myself by some of the content. I was much more content with my 30th birthday then my 29th. I feel that my birthday was a turning point, now I was ready to take another year to get to a good place again, find myself again.

In May I wrote this post for a friend who started on a similar journey as I had the year before, and it was nice to sit and write about the immediate past, to see it there in black and white.

This year also brought a shift in parenting. My girls are growing up, and with that brought a new approach to parenting, I am still reading up on a variety of parenting texts, trying to learn about raising children, as opposed to babies.

A highlight of our year was my brother coming home.

With my 30th birthday came the opportunity to try on my new age

This year had its share of financial challenges, and so I had to be really creative this summer with FREE adventures around the city. We ended up having an Awesome Summer, even though I had to take them to the pool.

Besides the kids starting school this fall, a highlight for me was when I Ran 5 miles 6 weeks before I broke my foot. I miss running. I started running little by little this past summer, right after I gave up coke, and I noticed it helped me to fight the demons a lot, and stay happier longer.

My hope is to start running again this next summer, I fear it will take about that long to trust the old 5th metatarsal again.

I was really proud of all the scarves knitted and gathered for Lovescarf project this year. I felt particularly supported by the community of women that I am a part of here in NYC. I also got the chance to deliver the scarves knitted in Chicagoland, and that was a great experience.

Please forgive the stream-of-consciousness nature of this post. I gathered my favorite posts from the past year to put in one final 2009 post. Thanks for reading, showing interest, commenting. I have always enjoyed writing, and of course an audience.

I have experienced some of my most difficult struggles in 2008 and worked really hard to heal and reset in 2009. Although I value the live-and-in-color human beings near and far that are supporting, loving and praying for me, the blog has also become a place of respite for me when things are not looking up. I appreciate you readers. Thank you for gracing my small bit of cyber space and riding along with me. May you have a blessed and peaceful 2010.

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nymanzanita said...

Thanks for blogging! Even though we live so close to eachother and have never really met...I feel like I somewhat "know" you and your adorable little family through your blog. Your posts often inspire me and I am impressed with your honesty, courage, and faith that is expressed through your writing. Happy New Year to you and your family!