Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Passed

The random photo picker has picked these gems to share on Christmas day. Today!

I am not sure which is correct: past or passed. But I liked PASSED for this post...kind of feels like it literally JUST passed me by. And I will feel that way tonight too, when it is all over.

From L to R:

1. We took a cruise on Dec. 14th, 2003. Saddam Hussein had been captured that day and it was snowing. A lot. We boarded a cruise ship for our first and maybe our last cruise ever. The best stop of the whole cruise was Disney World. Here we are in front of the giant tree. We tried to make the best of the rest of the cruise.

2 & 3. These pix were taken at the same Christmas Eve in 2004. 3 generations of Andersons and 4 generations of Forsgrens. My Grandpa BJ has since passed away. We miss him. Brother Sam is the only grandson (of 7) to carry on BJ's name. Big shoes to fill son.

4. On her second Christmas, little Phoebz concentrates on all her stocking stuffers. I love her nightgown, reminiscent of the LANZ nightgowns my mom used to dress my sister and I in every Christmas eve when we were little. In fact, I think this is a Lanz nightgown on her too.

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