Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Picks


Gedde Adventures said...

<3 the new glasses!!!
Merry Christmas to you, Kage.

simply seleta said...

Been enjoying your Christmas updates! I have the same coloring as you and would love to know your brand/color of red lipstick. Yours is such a great look! Can you share which one it is?

Kage said...

Gedde, thanks...made a trip to fabulous fannie's, where I got my pink cat-eyes back in '02, because I needed an update (weird since they're vintage eh?) I love them.

Simply seleta, I love this lipstick for the color, and staying power...but it's slightly drying.

I use Mac's red lip liner (not sure official name, but only one red liner there), and on top NARS red lizard. Though I wore the lipstick without liner for a few months and it was just fine.

I recently bought Mac's ruby woo for a friend thinking it was Nars red lizard equal, she says it wears pink on her. I have a tube too, but haven't cracked it yet...I was hoping to find the nars equivalent at mac b/c I get an actor discount there.

Anyway, LOVE this should def. get it. Somedays that is the ONLY makeup I wear and I never regret it! Brightens my day.