Monday, December 28, 2009

Coco Christmas

My sister Coco was the recipient of a few of my favorite gifts this year. I read a recent blog post of hers and was inspired to commission this necklace for her. I also saw an Edward action figure at Babies R Us of all places and knew she had to have it.

And Coco gave me my fave Bath and Body Works aromatherapy and some awesome temporary tatts, that I was unable to remove completely before singing in church on Sunday. Whoops.

The girls made homemade photo frames for Coco and others, and we vampirized ourselves in honor of Twilight.

Of course there were a ton of great gifts this year, to mention a few: blurb books, anthro swag, gift cards (loaded kindle and iphone!), and lots of good times, memories and food.

Etsy note:

My girls loved these robes and these purses and these upcycled drawing boooks from etsy, I mean, handmade by Santa's Elves.


LMT said...

So fun. Glad you guys are having a great holiday. Fantastic Etsy finds, btw.

Linz said...

Yeah that necklace was an amazing gift. She showed it to me over Skype.

Coco said...

thanks for a great Christmas!! Dont want it to end :/
and Im really honored youve been sporting that tattoo for so long...