Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 1

To kick off the 12 Days of Posse Christmas, we begin with a dance!

My sister has put together a dance montage to a Christmas song two years in a row now. This video has brought our family many smiles this season:

And a little present for you sister:


evie parks said...

Just precious- both of them! I love the girls & their baby bellies!

Linz said...


Loved it. Video #1 is definitely missing out by not having the glass posse in it.

You scared me with a couple of your moves. I thought you were going to fall on the floor! But you did some dang good dancing with one foot.

I loved Phoebe's first appearance...can I steal those moves? I could never pull it off the way she did.

I think if I performed DH's moves I would burn about 100 calories (and maybe even put myself into labor).

Love the girls Christmas dresses!!! Lolly's always had that shimmy down-pat.

Who sings this version?

Methinks I may need to consider HD quality video in 2010!

Linz said...

I meant to say 1000 calories, not 100.

kj said...

Super cute Doll & Me matching sweaters! My fav performance goes to the man of the house. . .he's hilarious!

Rachel H said...

Seriously fun! If I knew how to edit a video AT all..I'd think about making one myself! So cute you guys! And the hubby sersiouly get's kudos for his amazing performance!

Kage said...

Linz, you didn't notice the girls imitating you with their pregnant bellies?

This version is Bryan Adams.

I upgraded to HD digital from 8mm VHS and it's a huge leap though it takes up a lot of space on my little computer.

Glad you liked it, we made it for YOU!

hdknowles said...

Love this - great to see how the Bishop is trying to keep up with your dad! And the baby bellies was a stitch. Your entire family is so clever. Thanks for sharing - this is what families are all about.

Ann said...

i'm only one minute into the first video but i had to pause and tell you that your dad rocks! as does the rest of your family.

Linz said...

I thought they were imitating Santa Claus! Yikes, I'm huge!

Lisa said...

Hooray for the Dads!

Zinone said...

So fun! I think you need to post a dance video every week. :)

LMT said...

Awesome! Man, you are good on those sticks. I hope this is a tradition we blog friends can look forward to each year.