Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 7

Yes, the foot has brought me down this season. I have seen a small percentage of holiday sites that I normally see this time of year. It's bad. I'm going through withdrawal in a major way. The only thing that has kept me going is the remodel-the-family-room project, else I might have gone insane this Christmas.

So here is my pathetic offering of sites I have seen this season:

If I worked in a tiny MTA booth, I would totally decorate it.

I passed by Bloomingdales on my way to pick up my click n ship at the Container Store. I saw a lot of glitter and took a quick pic.

And then I sat in Barnes and Noble for an hour talking to an old friend and hearing Christmas carols coming from below, and on my way out saw Bob and Luis from Sesame Street. They had been giving a little concert. It was sweet to see all ages of fans enjoying the humble offering from some old favorites. 40 years, woot to Sesame!

That's it. I haven't seen one giant tree, no department store windows, not a single Santa Claus, no Rock Center, nothing. Which means, I've got to HIT IT next year.


Anonymous said...

ooohh! remodeling project! i love doing that at my house. what kind of remodeling are you doing? hopefully you'll post pics!

Kage said...

Christy, I have been tweeting family room updates throughout, but once it's all completely done I will post pix... Probably on January.