Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Loves

Pretending to be a snail and then changing to a bird, making a nest and laying eggs in it....
Insisting I turn down the radio so that you could sing Jingle Bells with your own lyrics: "Seven, seven, seven, seven, seven, seven....."
When Princess & the Frog started, exclaiming: "oh mom! What about my glasses?" been to too many 3-D movies lately
Counting to one hundred in the car, and everybody joining in.
Mom, church is boring.
Mom, I don't love God.
I looked at her.
Mom, do you want to know why I don't love God?
I paused. Then I said: why?
Because, God has a mustache AND a beard.
Wrapping your head around your best friend moving to Africa of all places. Seeing a piece of your heart that I haven't seen before.

Being so excited to spend your money on ....books!
Wanting to play games all day on Saturday, in lieu of Saturday morning cartoons.
Laughing out loud while reading Geronimo Stilton books
Asking you to stir the ground beef and giving you a tip on how to do it, your reply: "Mom, I am like a professional at this, I've done it twice already."
You-singing The Beatles Rock Band. The dancing, moving the mic from left to right hand BEHIND your back, and jumping during the breaks!
Waking up at 4:30 AM on Christmas morning. You crazy girl
Answering this question: Who would you like to kiss under the mistletoe? My, that was a surprise!

Reporting on all the Christmas miracles
Fully committing to our dance video
Asking Phoebe how Star of the Week was going and Lolly answering: good.
Trying to find the RIGHT white paint.
Wiping off everybody's windshield in the parking lot during the snow storm.
Running 5 miles on Christmas morning.
Planning our new family room together...that was fun.
Going to see The Blind Side, Avatar and Sherlock Holmes in 1 week.
You crying during Blind Side, more than me.

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