Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lessons Learned.

I am hoping that I learned much more then just this, but here's a list of a few lessons that I learned in 30th year on the planet.


How to distort an object in photoshop.

Meat, onion soup mix, and a crockpot are a good combination.

Pomegranates are hard to seed.

Stages of Grief.

Increase and decrease while knitting.

Sticking a dryer-sheet in your pocket helps keep your hair from going all crazy staticky wonky.

Lottie is a nickname for Charlotte (thank you Princess & the Frog).

You can play the violin in 5 different positions.

The existence of matte nail polish.

The superior nature of ACETONE remover to NON ACETONE remover.

You can break your foot walking.

I can run 5 miles straight.

Stages of Healing.

My first impression is often "intimidating."

How to make the best turkey gravy.

Magic of Oxyclean. I knew about it, but didn't test it until this year.

Running bleach through the washer does help with the mildew/mold build-up.

I like sci-fi.

Prayer, scripture-study and exercise: My URGENT IMPORTANTS.

Cream Soda is a good substitute for COCA-COLA. Okay, I know it's still sugar, but at least it's not caffeine, I'm weaning slowly.

I can survive NOT visiting Anthropologie for months at a time.

One can receive semi-permanent/permanent nerve damage from a filling procedure.

Learned to knit a self-designed Boot Cozy.

Therapy should not wait.

I should not speak unless with my professionally trained voice.

Perfect red lipstick: nars, red lizard.

My iphone is essential, like oxygen.

New friends are hard to make, but worth the time invested.

I feel my empathy and intention has improved this year...not sure if that counts as a lesson, but I've improved maybe a centimeter.

I look best in short hair and shades of blue clothing.



kj said...

These lessons learned in life are why I have always admired, loved and enjoyed older women (those that fall into the category of 20 years my senior). They are so wise and funny. They too have learned lessons throughout their life experiences.

Also Costco started selling containers of seeded pomegranates. They are so easy to use without the work.

Holly said...

have loved reading your blogs over the last couple years. This year, in paticular, you've been through a lot of ups and downs. Thanks for sharing.

delilas said...

inspiring, laughable, friendly, wise, quirky, fashionable, loving are some of the words that come to mind when I think of "Glass Posse's" blog. :}


hdknowles said...

You have learned well in your 30th year. You have come along way and will continue on your life's journey to learn and experience lots of ups and downs. But, my friend, you should be proud of all you've accomplished, most importantly, you have a wonderful family and friends who love and care for you.

In 2010, you need to learn how to make fingerless gloves - if you design them well, you'll have something to sell on Etsy. I just got a pair from a friend and I'm so happy. Sometimes my hands get so cold at work I cannot type on the computer. This new gloves are magic. You can branch out your knitting line - boot cozy and fingerless gloves. What more could a girl want?

Leaving for Europe on the 1st - will be back the 15th.