Saturday, December 19, 2009

Live from New York...

It's Saturday Night.

I have been so busy trying to get it all together before we leave for our Christmas brouhaha that I haven't done a lot of live, up-to-date posting, instead letting 12-days-of-Posse-Christmas rule.

Even though I should be heading to bed at this very second, I would like to take a moment to do a little reporting.

Item 1: Cheery Disposition
I have been pretty cheery today. The girls and I made several homemade gifts while Jason put together our latest addition to the family-room remodel of 2009. We had a few parking miracles as we had to get some last-minute items for the food tonight and the projects.

Item 2: Rosy Cheeks
It started snowing today. A lot. The girls found themselves out playing in it and brought back cold hands and very pink cheeks. We rarely get snow like this in NYC before Christmas, so it was fun!

Item 3: Play Games, all sorts
We had our church party tonight. We danced, made gingerbread houses, ornaments and sat on Santa's lap. We also wore our ugly Christmas sweaters (and won best-dressed family award), which the girls insist are not ugly but, their FAVORITE!

Item 4: You must be kind
We had a lot of reminders about being kind today, as we are all feeling a bit cooped up, and ready to be on with our vacation already.

I have more than 2.5 days of STUFF to do and not enough time to do it, because I booked a job on Monday. Hurray! It's a little print job for Babies R Us, and I am not wrangling, which will be a nice break.

Here are the cupcake stands that we worked on today for teacher gifts:


hdknowles said...

Hope you don't get as much snow as we did today - 24". Hopefully Denise will get down Sunday - they canceled her flight on Saturday. And they canceled church as well. Hope you get to leave on time for your special trip.

wendysue said...

Glad to see that you're "practically perfect in every way!"

How crazy is it that Mary Poppins is the movie that the girls picked to watch last night and I was thinking that you should totally be her for Halloween!

Enjoy your wonderful holiday!!

Lisa said...

So clever!

Kage said...

ws, I didn't even PLAN on an MP theme to the post, it just came to me, and each item seemed to fit nicely.

I have wanted to be MP for Halloween for years now. However, all those costume pieces! Maybe if I start now, I will find all the pieces in a few years: perfect boots, umbrella, overcoat, hat....see? I want to be TRAVELING Mary....

D said...

Jason is pretty much the coolest guy ever.

wendysue said...

You'd need to find the perfect carpet-bag too! (With lots of goodies to pull from it!)