Sunday, December 06, 2009

Love Scarf Update

There is just a week left to finish knitting scarves for the NYC Love Scarf Project. While I was away, I got the chance to be there when the Chicago Love-scarfers delivered 113 scarves to the Edward Cancer Center. It was so great to finally see a delivery!

The center is warm with it's beautiful wood floors, and a large room full of windows overlooking a pond, where patients can sit and look outdoors while receiving their treatments. It had a sense of calm and peace there that I have not experienced at any medical facility, through my own medical experiences or my mother-in-laws cancer experiences. I felt the scarves were in good hands and would be appreciated by anyone who received the gift.

I have one last scarf to finish up this week and then I will be organizing all that I have received for delivery on the if you want to knit one for this year, it's your last chance this week! Thanks.

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kj said...

Do you want me to ship 2 small boxes, or one large. Does it matter. They are here waiting to hear if you can manage getting them to the Hospital?