Sunday, December 27, 2009


I freaked out my dog Chloe this past summer by trying to take her portrait.

Naturally, since Mom bought her a pink Santa suit for the holidays, it was time for another portrait session. I got her in place in front of the tree and my mom held her there until I was ready, then quickly let go. I got myself in position, laying down on the floor on my belly, so that I could get a good angle.

I got one shot and then she ran on my back and settled in for a nap.

I tried again later and she kept running into my lap like a scared baby. Yes, I'm dissappointed that my dog doesn't love the camera like others of my loved ones, but I didn't try to train her as a model until much later in life, so I guess I can't blame her.


Linz said...

Oh my gosh she looks so cute!!! And I didn't know she was scared of cameras.

Kage said...

She did well this summer but avoided looking at the lens the entire time, and would not stop shaking.

This time she must have remembered because she FLED!

I suspect she doesn't enjoy the attention, she feels insecure because she is bald, even though we try to dress her up!

Sullivan Family said...

I LOVE your new picture!! I really enjoyed catching up at church. I will keep you posted o n where we end up moving! (: