Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Please Leave a Comment!

Let us begin with a moment of silence for the outfit that got good reviews from twitter. I was going to wear the belt inside out so that it wasn't so shiny, and I ordered a different pair of shoes to switch out for the ivory ones:

But now that we have a turn of events, the options have changed. I kept the new red shoes --- maybe next Christmas?--but returned the above outfit, because sometimes I just don't need the reminder.

Now here are the options:
Same outfit, but belt and shoes are switching out, and I think I have this skirt on backwards but since it's challenging to get dressed at all, I did not retake the photos. Also, everything needs a good iron.

Here is the detail on the tights, I tried on the original red shoes, to show how ridiculous the knees look at different heights, as well as the angle of the skirt, (never mind trying to balance while singing), and then for those of you questioning the boot cozy, a pic with just the naked aircast.
I am pretty sure I know which outfit I want to wear, but here are a few random options that I just tried on for good luck:
Reminder, this is for an early-morning concert, The Mayor's Prayer Breakfast. I am singing sacred Christmas music while specatators enjoy breakfast foods. This will be my third time appearing and last time I wore a black pencil skirt with a cream blouse and a red/gold printed vest with black heels. (I think.)

When leaving feedback:
black pencil skirt
black velvet cropped pant
long black skirt
plaid skirt
green-striped blouse
flower belt
gold belt
red belt
gold flat shoe
black ruffle flat shoe

I know it's a lot of black, but hey, I'm in mourning.

I am partial to the very first option. The flower belt I found on black friday, and it reminded me of nie, who remains a big inspiration for me. And the brown color in the ribbon matches exactly with the pantent leather on the gold flat (also a black friday find!)

Apologies for the meh quality of these photos.


Ann said...

i love the flowered belt!! i'm so sorry about your foot-i think of you daily as i'm running around crazily getting ready for Christmas and wondering how you-who does so much more than me-are getting by. Wish i could be at your concert!! i think my parents will go, though. happy holidays! love you!

kj said...

Oh those beautiful red shoes. . .to die for. Flowered belt and light flat are a good balance to your stylin' boot cozy. I do love the red belt and plaid skirt. Your legs are pretty so show 'em off.

Penny said...

I vote for the black pencil skirt with flower belt and gold flat shoe. For a second choice I love the plaid skirt with red belt (isn't that your Mom's skirt -- I think I read that from a previous blog.) The red shoe will be really nice next Christmas.

jlk said...

I like the first option -- black pencil skirt, long black shirt, flower belt, gold shoe. Good luck choosing!

Heather said...

Red Plaid skirt (screams Christmas)
Black cardy
Gold Belt
black flats

Ah, glad that's settled.

onehm said...

The one in the first shot is my fave:
black pencil skirt, black shirt, flower belt, gold shoe.
:) Good luck.

LOVE that belt.

A-me said...

black pencil skirt
flower belt
gold flat shoe
WITH cozy

Trina said...

black pencil skirt
red belt
black ruffle flat shoe

Sullivan Family said...

I love them all, but my favorite was the black pencil skirt with the flower belt and flat gold shoes!! Very cute! You look good in anything.

evie parks said...

I say definitely the first outfit (black skirt, black cardigan- love that shoulder detail!, flower belt, boot cozy). Although i do love that outfit you returned!! you'll look cute in whatever you choose!

This is Carrie said...

I say go with the first option. If you love it you will feel great wearing it. And that equals a confident performer. Plus, you look beautiful in it. And the boot cozy gives everyone a little taste of your quirkiness.

Kage said...

Quirky? ; )

Kage said...

I feel like the black shoe makes me look like a hobbit. I agree that the flower belt oppositethe boot cozy balances. The gold flat has a buckle--- I feel it's very age-appropriate!

I spied a girl in a red plaid frock today that was like a formfitting slightly formal shirt dress.... I wanted it!

Beth said...

with the gold shoe.

Katie & Brandon said...

I swear you were in the episode of One Tree Hill last night. They showed a bunch of adoption pamphlets in a couple of shots and it looked just like you holding a little one on the cover of one.

kristie sessions said...

I like the first option. The flower belt helps bring the eye up away from poor foot. But the boot cozy is definitely needed. Like the all black (pencil skirt) and the nice ruffles on the shirt. its definitely my fav. option. good luck!!!

Rachel H said...

I vote for the first one too! I immediately liked the flower belt and the lighter shoe. (SO NIE!=))
You'll be great!

hdknowles said...

Maryland Mom likes option #1. Knock 'em dead. Wish we could see it in person.

Anonymous said...

flower belt or red belt. definitely w/your striped little footie. tights are supercute.

Nichole said...

love love love the red shoes. I'm getting some for me!

Laura said...

I love option number 1. I want the belt!

MKC said...

I like the black short pencil skirt, with the flower belt and gold flat with the boot cozy. I think it looks festive and fun.

Choatemedia said...

I think the boot cozy is fantastic! I love the flower belt. I vote for that outfit.