Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I have a little quirk about me. I enjoy bodily symmetry. For example, when I have a hang-nail on a nail on one hand, I start playing with the opposite nail so that there is the same feeling on both sides.

When I get a massage and the masseuse does one side at a time, I really have to concentrate on NOT letting this bother me, and WAITING patiently for my body to be even again.

Even is the term I use, not symmetrical. I know no body is symmetrical, but I want all parts to be even. When I watch a story about amputees and the phantom feelings or pain, I KNOW without having experienced it, what that must be like. I really sympathize with this issue.

This does not apply to my hair unless I am wearing it parted down the middle (which I did for many years in high school), or putting it ALL back in a braid or ponytail (back in the long hair days), then the part has to be straight. down. the middle.

It does apply to cold. I have to have both gloves on, both ears covered, everything evenly warm.

I can carry a purse, but I feel more balanced with a backpack on both shoulders.

I also have a habit of punching my quad muscles. If I punch one, then I have to punch the other. Usually it's 3 or 4 times per quad. A few people have been brave enough to ask me about that behavior. I can only explain it like this: I'm breaking up built-up acid? I'm not sure what it is, but it has to be even. Punch left, punch right, preferably at the same time.

Thankfully I can turn this off when necessary, like at the masseuse, or when I get that hangnail. I have to admit though, I am getting weary of flipping my EVEN switch. See, I am completely thrown off by having only one working foot. My spine feels wonky, my calves are completely and extremely NOT even, and the crutches! It's just madness. My poor right foot is starting to get achy in the big toe and heel from the stress of doing it all.

Despite my sort-of-good efforts, I am gaining weight evenly. And evenly freaking out about the fact that all my right shoes are now MORE WORN then my left.


Lisa said...

Your nostrils must drive you crazy!

Linz said...

I had no idea you has this quirk! But I have noticed you punching your quads now that I think about it.

Ann said...

i totally know what you mean! i have a little bit of that too. i can't sit on a couch with people on both sides of me and be closer to one person than the other. i have to sit evenly between them. glad we're quirky together!

Tamela said...

A good masseuse, yoga, and stretching exercises can all help with that unbalanced feeling. And don't worry -- it is not all in your head. Uncorrected balance issues after a foot or leg injury can lead to long-term problems. The 'strong' leg or foot compensates for the weaker, injured one and over time this can lead to knee, hip, and back problems. You're still on crutches? I didn't realize that. Bless you!

Kage said...

Tamela, I am not still on crutches, only when I don't have the aircast on do I use my crutches. I do feel the possibility of knee problems when I am going DOWN stairs. And since I broke my foot walking down stairs I am super aware of that OTHER foot while I am going down stairs......!!! eek!

I am also anticipating getting a better shoe while I continue to heal...suggestions?