Thursday, December 10, 2009

Third Person Thursday

On Tuesday she decided to try going out without her car. She got dropped off with Phoebe at her school and then her friend dropped Lolly off at her school.

At 8:45 the publishing party began. She got settled in to listen to her daughter's book and heard that there was a fire drill scheduled for 9 AM. She decided she would not be participating.

She was forced too.

She wishes she had thought fast enough to either A. take the elevator down at 8:55 before it was turned off or B. hide in the corner so that when the maintenance man checked he wouldn't be lying when he said the floor was clear.

She had had a dark moment the night before feeling quite sorry for herself and her state, so it was easy for the tears to creep up her eyeballs as she slowly trudged down 3 flights of stairs with the entire middle school behind her, one of which exclaimed: "Who is NOT walking?"

She breathed, gathered herself, and took the elevator back up 2 minutes later once the ridiculous drill was over.

When parents asked her how she was doing, her answer was: "Depressed and Suicidal." She found that to be a conversation-stopper. Whoops.

She then made it to her doctors appointment by bus and foot and 2 hours later (the exam took all of 4 minutes) realized she had no time to go home and get the car for the afternoon pick-ups, but had to subway it the rest of the afternoon. She made it slowly and carefully down all stairs since 2 sets of handy elevators were out of service. Really?

She forgot at one point that she was slower then usual and had to work hard to get off the train at one stop. A passenger trying to get on the train rammed right into her foot after doing a PSYCH stop and let her go by him. She exclaimed: Excuse me Sir!

She approached the day on-foot with trepidation but quickly realized that this was just what she needed. She had missed the fuel that the city gives her. She filled up a bit of her tank walking about the city and riding the public transportation. She felt like maybe she could get through another day. Maybe.


Linz said...

Glad you found a light at the end of this. Do you still wear something on your foot that can show other people that you are healing?

Lisa said...

King of the Hill,
Top of the Heap!

kj said...

"Depressed & Suicidal" I can relate. During the coming days that is going to be my reply. It saves energy in the long run just to shut the conversation down. I am grateful for progress in the healing process, but I want to be 100% now. Sounds like your purple umbrella could have been put to good use.