Sunday, May 31, 2009

My May Loves

May is gone already? What the what?


"You're such a lucky girl, you get to build a house with ME!" (says to me while I just want to tweet and not build a house.)

Watching me put on deodorant:

HER: "Is that to put hair there?"
ME: "No, it's to prevent me from smelling when I sweat, but thanks for pointing out that I need to shave."

Later, in the bathroom, approaching the scale: "Mom, I want to measure my feet."

Calling a penis: "That swingy thing on Daddy's bum." (I think my blog is now rated PG-13). It was an accidental sighting, and I did clarify with proper terminology.

Phoebe got a call for a casting, we later found out she would have to be able to ride a bike to go, and she can NOT ride a bike. I broke the news to her and she was dissappointed. Lolly said: "It's ok. You will get a job someday Phoebe. I know you will."

When we ventured to New Jersey last week, we turned the corner to the PATH platform:
"Is this New Jersey?"
"I wonder what New Jersey will look like...."
"Will there be a gate?"

Watching your toe tap ever so slightly on your flip-flop to keep time during your violin lesson.

Wanting to know the entire plot of the reading, remembering the names of the characters a few days later, wanting to hear all of my solos.

After her ear and eye test at school, Informing me that she can hear really well and see really well. I told her she got her hearing from me, her response: "And I got my good seeing from Dad...because you have glasses." Um...have you seen a pic of us lately?

I think she just thinks I wear glasses, because I wear THESE glasses in the morning:

I had a dream I kissed Harry Potter.

Giving me a cheer:
"Give me a K"
"Give me a I" do you spell Kristy. K-R-I-S-T-Y
"Give me a K"
whispered: K, R
"Give me a R"
whispered: K, R, I
"Give me an I"
whispered: K, R, I, S
"Give me an S!"
whispered: K, R, I, S, T
"Give me a T!"
whispered: K, R, I, S, T, Y
"Give me a Y!"
"What's it spell? Kristy!"

Wow...that was a really involved effort dear.

The day before Mother's Day, Dad is making some sandwiches. You say: "Dad, you making grilled cheese?....oh....I just gave the clue." And then I knew I was getting a Panini Maker for Mother's Day.

You left me a note while I was on the phone: big, scrawly pencil letters: thanks!!! (underneath that): starcasum!! (and an arrow pointing to the word thanks) your mackine the day worse!! (followed by 5 exclamation points, an UNhappy face, 4 exclamation points and another UNhappy face), -Phoebe.

I think I made your day worse because I told you to do your homework and stop bossing your sister.

That morning when you said you needed some floss to get something out of your tooth, and it turned out to be your first loose tooth!

Taking the morning off on Mother's Day
Best Mother's Day ever by the way.
Pretending to love SUPER SANDWICH SUNDAY.
Always cleaning up after I cook.
Helping the girls clean up their room.
Trying to do the self checkout at Key Food
Driving me to my audition on Saturday.
Supporting me through all the work days.
Bringing me beautiful flowers that day after my long extra work.
Taking your pants to the tailors in shifts, every week.
You look good honey. You are so skinny! Cute and skinny.

I dropped the violin (safe in it's case) on the elevator, RIGHT in front of Phoebe's violin teacher. My response: That's why I have insurance (awkward smile)

Found the metrocard that Lolly hid in Dec. 2008 (I had a serious bad,bad,bad series of mommy moments that day)...only took me 6 months to find it.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm Ok

16ish hours later the demons started creeping in....

I caught a glimpse of that dark dark place and decided, no....not this time. No thank you.

I quickly reviewed all that great stuff that is my life. Hey, even Phoebe said: Mom, why are you being so nice this beautiful spring day?

I'm always nice.


After about 24 hours passed I am feeling a bit better. I have had a few ebbs of the brainacules, but I am also due to start that blood flow thing in a few days, which is not a coincidence. Hormones totally affect brain waves.

I have decided no more driving until I have my levels checked, so this afternoon we granny-carted it for the errands. It was nice...especially since the rain let up.

I also got a Visine check today, which I was so crossing my fingers for after my recent Father's Day purchase(s). Be excited Honey.

I took a break from my new non-diet, and ate a pop tart...hey it was organic. I deserved it after yesterday and because of the upcoming visitor....two weeks with decreased sugar and no coke, it was kind of a reward I guess.

So, here we go, one day at a time, again. And I kind of like it like that. Thanks for the kind words and support. I have such a wonderful net catching me every time. Don't I?

Thursday, May 28, 2009


You know that song by Elvis Costello?

She had a TPT today, but she's still pretty wiped from it.

She made breakfast.
She made the lunches.
She did the violin practice but was distracted by getting ready to go.
She got Phoebe to school on time.
She warmed up. La!
She sang pretty well at the Finian's Rainbow chorus call.
She took the PATH train to Hoboken for the first time.
She had a lovely playdate with her friends and our 3, 4-year-old daughters.
She walked back to the train and when she spotted the station, that's when the seizure started.
She remained conscious but felt completely vulnerable.
She made it down the stairs and onto the train somehow.
She held her head in one hand and Lolly's hand in the other until it was over.
And she was still in denial about it until she felt limp all over, like her muscles couldn't possibly work, and like she needed to go to sleep right there.
She tried to think clearly about what to do, what to do.
By the time she got to Phoebe's school 45 minutes later she felt better, but still rattled. She held it together to buy the girls a cookie, which she is realizing just now that she totally forgot about, when she made the decision to treat them to an ice cream sandwich just hours later. After affects.
Once she got home she slept for an hour and felt incrimentally better.
Even now she feels like she hasn' t had sleep for days.
Her appointment is in a few weeks. Now she knows what they will be talking about. Insert expletive here.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another First

Yesterday morning Phoebe woke up and asked for some floss first thing. "Mom, I have something stuck in my teeth."

When she still couldn't get the thing out of her teeth, she called me to the bathroom. I wrapped the floss around my fingers and asked her which tooth, and as I dove in to remedy the mysterious remnant, I discovered her first loose tooth.

I did a Phoebe dance right then and there. Jumping up and down, flapping my arms. I was more excited then she was.

That night we had what I called "Wiggle Time." I did a gentle massage on her little tooth to see how ready it was for extraction.

Tonight she struggled to eat her sandwich for dinner, so I gave her the choice: keep it or pull it.

She said a prayer and brought me a kleenex and pop, out it came. She was brave.

Now she has matching gaps. See?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Harry Potter

I'm a fan. Remember when I took the kids to the HP Party in Soho?

On movie night at our house, the girls often choose Harry Potter. Jason usually watches it with me. They are allowed to watch 1 through 3 because 4 and 5 are rated PG-13.

So. Last night I see the preview for 6 and it's PG.


So, do I let the kids see 6?

Do I let them see 6 and not 4 and 5?

Do I let them see 4 and 5 and then 6?

Where do I draw the Harry Potter Lines?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday's Adventure: Improv Everywhere

Driving onto Roosevelt Island, we saw some fellow-improv everywhereers. Our mission: to participate in the MP3 Experiment 6. We downloaded a 47-minute track to our ipods, and started the track at 4 pm with 1500 other New Yorkers dressed in green, yellow, red or blue t shirts, with a white t shirt underneath.

We were only about 9 minutes early, we hung out here with our friend Helen:

Ready with our blue shirts over white shirts. I decided it was in our best interest to all wear the same color. I was so right:

Ipods attached, headphones in place:

The track began and we were introduced to STEVE, the omnicent Improv Everywhere Voice. After he led us through some breathing, stretching, pointing, shaking hands, square dancing and naptime, we ALL (yes ALL) walked to the southern tip of the island. I HOPED really hard that the kids could make it for that long walk...they did awesome! We spotted a dog with a red shirt:

See all of us walking, and walking and walking, while listening to a random re-telling of Peter and the Wolf story:

It was pretty fun to see innocent Roosevelt Islanders being invaded by primary-colored shirt wearers:

Once we got to the tip we did some dancing and napping and then we divided into teams and beat each other up with inflatable hammers or bats. We never got our hands on one, that was just fine with us:

At the end of the bashing the WOLF OF ROOSEVELT ISLAND emerged from the river and then we had to unite by removing our shirts and becoming one with our colors. We waved our shirts over our heads and killed the wolf (or something like all had to do with that really long story we listened to during our walk.):

It was fun. The girls were into it. Their ipod shuffles got inadvertantly paused a few times so I had to catch them up. But, when we were all listening to it together at the same time, they GOT it and it was fun. I am so glad they will do wacky stuff with me, I hope they never roll their eyes at me when it's time for an adventure. I hope by the time I am an empty nester Jason will come around and play......for now he gets us where we need to be on time, and he even came and found all of us crazy people, I am sure thinking he was outside the group, but guess what? He was wearing a green t shirt!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Theme Song

Remember my old theme song? I gotta new one.

I saw Next to Normal on broadway last night. It was stunning, raw and so terribly, beautifully close. I liked this video with behind-the-scenes of the recording, especially the second & third song (sung by J. Robert Spencer)...I thought about Jason a lot while I was watching him, and how much he has sacrificed this past year for me..."keeping his feet on the ground." and "holding on and not letting go."

Download it and listen while you read:

Light, Next to Normal
Tom Kitt & Brian Yorkey

We need some light.
First of all, we need some light.
You can't sit here in the dark.
And all alone, it's a sorry sight.
It's just you and me.
We'll live, you'll see.

Night after night,
We'd sit and wait for the morning light.
But we've waited far too long,
For all that's wrong to be made right.

Day after day,
Wishing all our cares away.
Trying to fight the things we feel,
But some hurts never heal.
Some ghosts are never gone,
But we go on,
We still go on.

And you find some way to survive
And you find out you don't have to be happy at all,
To be happy you're alive.

Day after day,
Give me clouds, and rain and gray.
Give me pain, if that's what's real.

Henry and Natalie:
It's the price we pay to feel.

Dan and Diana:
The price of love is loss,

But still we pay.

Dan and Henry:
We love anyway.

And when the night has finally gone.
And when we see the new day dawn.
We'll wonder how we wandered for so long, so blind.
The wasted world we thought we knew,
The light will make it look brand new.

Let it
Let it
Let it
Let it
Let it
Shine, shine, shine.

Day after day (day after day),
We'll find the will to find our way.
Knowing that the darkest skies will someday see the sun.

When our long night is done,

Dan and Natalie:
There will be light.

(There will be light.
There will be light.)

There will be light.
When we open up our light.
Sons and daughters, husbands, wives.
Can fight that fight.
There will be light.
There will be light.
There will be light.
There will be light.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Peanuts anyone?

It was a good EXTRA experience on Wednesday.

The bus ride was smooth and my scene happened at the beginning when I was fresh. The hardest part of the night was trying to NOT drink Coca-cola (guys, I quit it, cold-turkey), and not eat junk. At one point I did choose a small bag of doritos (something I RARELY eat) instead of a 590-calorie McFlurry that was tempting me, oh tempting me SO bad. I also chose a salad over a slice of pizza at sbarro on our dinner break.

Sitting around and getting tired is a bad-food trap. The other bonus was that we went overtime, so I actually made some money on this job...I always worry I won't make enough for it to be worth it, but I would say yesterday it was.

The scene was in the airport, families departing from "Air India" I think.

The director and writer, chilling before the last scene:

Here are a few of the actors, one is Nathan Corddry who I know from Studio 60.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Today's Adventure: CMOM

We needed to kill some time today, and I didn't have sunscreen, so I didn't want to go to the playground. Then I remembered I had two free passes to the Childrens Museum of Manhattan. Lolly and I headed over. There were barely any kids there, it seemed like she had the whole place to herself.

I chilled out because I was tired from getting home hours passed my bedtime the night before. Lolly had some great adventures today:

When I have a yard and a fence and grandkis, I will be building this on the fence:

She wore these sunglasses to be last night too, oh yeah, slept with them on:

Light brights! Remember!?

So thrilled with the shaving cream, paint muraling.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gradually Going Green

Nyc Greenway.

It would be cool if one day the posse could bike on the greenway...maybe. someday.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Welcome to my club, friend.

To my friend, you know who you are:

When you first start the medicine, the familiar tracks of your mind will be turned off.

You will make new paths, find new ways. After a while, you will even make your way back to the old paths. What a great opportunity, to choose which "old paths" you return to. A little while after that, you will be dismayed when you are back on those paths even when you had the opportunity to not necessarily return.

You should write everything down. Really.

Praying helps.

You won't feel like yourself at all. You will feel broken down, slow, old, disabled, because you are. You will wonder: Where did I go? Who was I? You will have a seed of remembrance...don't worry...seeds grow.

You need to start taking a bunch of vitamins: calcium with D, multi-vitamin, folic acid, and I suggest some Flaxseed Oil to help all that get through your system.

Hormones will start to conflict in brand new ways. Steady, steady now.

A day with exercise, on a scale of 1-10 gets you between 7 and 9. A day without exercise, you'll be lucky to get to a 4. Sorry, that is still true a year later.

Sleep. Must. get. sleep. New priority: sleep. Early to bed. Early to rise. My doc calls it: Sleep Hygiene.

Avoid stress. I know. As if.

Slow down. Be present. Be rooted. This is the greatest gift of these drugs. (I suggest reading A New Earth by Eckart Tolle).

Appreciate every day, because guess what, our life expectancy is now reduced, even though it's under "certain circumstances and to a variable extent." Might as well enjoy as much of the moment as you can.

Don't be alarmed when you can't get the words out, the notes on the score are jumping around, you forget that you have a Father on Father's Day. There will be holes, and that's ok. Your friends and family will fill them up with lots of love.

The best news I can give you: it's a steep climb, but it's only up from here, and I think you will catch up with the true you at the top, you can share a beautiful view then.

It was worth the climb.

Monday, May 18, 2009


They're not my babies anymore:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just can't think of ANYTHING else right now.

My allergies make me bloggy foggy:

buy it here.

Friday, May 15, 2009


It's been an eventful day today:

Went to an open call today, and it was announced that the casting director would be typing. I was kind of excited because I had never experienced typing before. I looked around and tried to figure out how they might type. They collected our headshots/resumes and looked through them while glancing up at us live, and it was really awkward. After about 90 seconds of shuffling through H/R and looking at 20 girls, they announced the 5 girls they wanted to hear. I was typed-out.

So, I went home, after buying some pretzel sticks at the Annies in Times Square.

I got a call from my extra casting agents and they cast me as a hand-picked-by-the-director (don't they make it sound SO important?) featured Stewardess extra in an HBO pilot next week. Too bad I'll never see it since I don't have HBO, but because it is so specific and on location at the aiport, my hope is that it will be over 8 hours (which means: WORTH IT).

A highlight of my day was chocolate chip pancakes with raspberry syrup for lunch.

After Lolly's dance class we hit the playground. The girls spent half the time hiding in a little tunnel underneath the play structure, cuddling. I think they are worn out from a long week. After Phoebe's dance dress rehearsal (she was so cute during her little solo dance), I found out she is definitely booked to play in the orchestra for a new DVD series: Julliard Discoveries. So fun. Tonight I'm catching up on the TIVO: Fringe, Oprah, I Survived, Ugly Betty, and The Fashion Show. Ok, I'm not going to be able to get it ALL in, but maybe some...I might also have to pop some corn and sprinkle it with mini semi-sweet choc. chips. Yeah, it's been a bad food day.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Third Person Thursday

She likes to help. She likes community. She likes to be a part of something. She wants to give back.

All her life she has tried to make a contribution: Student Council, Casts, Choirs, Church, Fundraisers. She has had a bit of a block though, when it comes to getting involved at school. At Phoebe's pre-K she viewed it as a 1-year adventure, and she didn't care enough about the school to get involved, especially since she was only planning to be there 1 year.

Then Phoebz started kindergarten. She was totally overwhelmed with the commute, having 2 children, and the sudden onset of practicing the violin everyday. She was also still trying to work and all that. She did not volunteer to be the class parent. She did not attend any PTA meetings. All the meetings were at inconvenient times, and she would inevitably be toting Lolly along, and everyone knows that Lolly is her own sideshow.

She volunteered to have the "holiday" party at her home. She was completely dissappointed by the experience. Her view: HER PARTY, HER HOME. The class parents view: THEIR PARTY at HER HOME. Her house was the place, but apparently she was not allowed to be Hostess. She was completely horrified that there was a grab bag (among other things). She hates with a passion grab bags. And thus began the PTA experience.

When she bumped her head, she probably said NO to some "opportunities", but did manage to get the yearbook together for the class. Then came the fall, right before the lowest point of HB08. A fellow parent volunteered her to co-chair the planning of a DANCE that would occur in 6 weeks. She knows she could have said NO, but instead she said she would take a very backseat role and help out in any way she could.

The party went really well, despite the micro-managing of other PTA members, that yes, 6 months later, she is not quite OVER...though she has taken her own humorous approach to certain offenders. (Said offender, never personally thanked her for her work, and still ignores her completely whenever she sees her--which is often---so her response is to approach her with a big smile and big, bold HI!---she (Kage) thinks this is hilarious).

She digresses.

Recently there was some drama with her own class. She was asked to design an ad for a program that would represent the first graders. She put out some ideas that she had on the class thread to no responses. So she did the ad, and posted it and then of course a handful of well-meaning parents had "their say". She refused to change it, mostly because she had to enlist a photo-shop expert to help her in the first place, but also because she found it inconsiderate that demands/suggestions/advice were being given at the 11th hour. The ad is 2 x 3 inches. The point is that we all contributed to it's purchase, not that it meets the approval of every parent.

This morning she arrived at the school to a few parents (a few of which were guilty of above-mentioned 11th hour remarks), shouting at her: "Class Parent! Class Parent! Class Parent!" She looked at them and said: "You've GOT to be kidding me." Then met with questioning faces, to which she continued: "Did you see that last thread?" One of the guilty's: "I tried to stop that." Actually, no you didn't, you started it. She then under her breath said, "Maybe in a few years, but this year: ABSOLUTELY NOT!" and then got on the elevator. See ya.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Didya See me?

There I am....and it was my good side too. One of my fave shows right now: Fringe.

My motivation in this scene:

Which.... eggs.... do.... I want?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuh, Tuh, Tuh Tuesday

Since my sinuses have been bothering me, I have skipped the 5:30 workouts, until this morning, so naturally, I was ready for lunch at 10 AM.

And then second lunch at around 1 pm.

Luckily I was on set with Lolly, so just ate some of the catered pasta.

I refinanced my condo today. Closed. Hopefully that means I won't get my purse stolen tomorrow, like last time I closed on a condo. We overestimated our re-fi by a little chunk, so mama gets to go on a Target run this week. Pretty excited to stock up on cereal, granola bars and 10 oz. coca-cola.

Lolly has been a superstar the past two days, working hard for the money. She did a full day Monday and worked until 2 today. She has held up so well, even with a little sinus trouble herself.

Here she is getting her hair done.

Here she is on set, in costume.

Here she is when Bello the clown paid the kids a visit...not sure what that was about.

Her treat for doing well at work was to pick out a princess book at Barnes and Noble. I noticed the cast of Next to Normal was doing a signing at 4, so I stopped up to see if I could get a squeeze from Ms. Ripley and tell her congrats. I was lucky enough to see her before her soundcheck. I haven't seen that girl in years, it was so great to see her. I hope she wins the Tony!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I live for days like these...

...but I'm tired.

I dropped Lolly off at her modeling job this morning, only to have to rush to my own booking. I rehearsed my one-act reading for most of the morning. After a nice lunch at Whole Foods I got this huge wad of snot in my left sinus.

And it wouldn't go away. I couldn't swallow it and I couldn't blow it out. It was stuck.

I fought through the snot and took a mucinex, and it finally cleared in time for me to sing. It went pretty well considering it is the hardest music I have had to learn in such a short period of time. I think the composers were happy in the end. I am happy it's over.

I was surprised to find that Lolly was STILL at work when I finished at 4. I zipped over to the set and found her in full Christmas attire, peaking out of a window with an older girl, being sprinkled with fake snow. She also described a shot she did with a boy who was her Prince...who knows what that one was.

While we were apart, the wrangler on set was texting me about how she was doing....he reported that she told him she had 4 brothers and that she is in the 1st grade. She was in good spirits when I picked her up, and as we went to use the bathroom, she stopped in front of a mirror and did some posing. I think the modeling thing rubbed off on her today.

She is going back tomorrow, so I am glad she had a good time today. Phoebe was excited that I brought her some peanut butter on white bread sandwiches that I swiped from the set. We made it home after a lot of schlepping and working today. And I am ready for a nice break from all this work.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To Mommy

In my 30th-birthday album that my mom made me, under this picture she wrote:

"This photo demonstrates our relationship so well. Look at the joy on both of our faces! I am holding you as tightly as I can. We enjoy being together. We are having fun. We feel safe with each other. You are my friend. You have a shoe untied that I will fix later."

Mom, you have tied so many of my laces. All I can say, on this mother's day, is that I love you. and THANKS.

PS. Happy Birthday Sam. And thanks to my honey and the posse for making my Mother's Day special

Saturday, May 09, 2009


I caught a glimpse of a mom and dad at a concert at Phoebe's school the other night. I love this pic.

Also found this treasure that I totally forgot about from a few weeks ago:

Friday, May 08, 2009

New Collection

I'm becoming quite the collector of clothes with a music theme. Here's the latest, thanks to a friend's generous ETSY STIMULUS PACKAGE as my birthday gift:

My fave past purchases:



Sight Reading Sweater.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Love Note

You know how nagging works? You just nag someone about something.

I nag my husband about the way he folds towels, or does NOT fold towels. He hangs them up and I always disapprove of how the towels look. Lately, he has turned on me and made the towels look intentionally extra un-foldee like...using humor to defuse "the nag".

Now, here's the prevent musty moldiness, we generally just loosely hang our towels on the rod so they can dry out throughout the day. Sometimes later in the day I refold them the way I like them, once they are dry. So, really my folding demands are during really specific times, like, the day I wash and dry them.

Like today. I went to fold the towels on the rod, and was reminded of the humorous towel-unfolding of late, that my husband has been doing. So, I left him a little love note:

The how-to:

Left towel:
Fold in half, horizontally, then fold both sides into the middle, in thirds, then fold it in half over the rod.

Right towel:
Twist, and drape, for an avant garde look, drape on side over the top of the shower curtain rod.

Love you honey.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Lolly Helper

We made a video, but it didn't work.

This is Lolly, having folded all of her Dad's socks:

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Rainy Tuesday

My rainboots have a hole in them. What?

I don't even know when it happened. Now, my sock on my right foot gets wet in the rain. Did I mention it's like raining all the time here?

Today we had a really successful reading of Leaving Perfect. The composer wrote me a little note telling me that he was thinking of my voice while he wrote the music this past year, and that he wanted me to play the role. How sweet is that? He must have seen me sing at last year's readings. I was sort of hoping he had put a little pinkberry giftcard in the note, but his words were much better.

It was nice to be reminded today that I'm talented. Thanks everyone for your kind words.

However, my voice is a bit fried. I have tomorrow to recover and then back for 2 days to do a one-act at the same program. The past two weeks I have been working a bunch. My family has been so patient. The house has been maintained, but it's about at it's breaking point. Lolly is a bit sick, so hopefully I can clean tomorrow while she chills out. Gotta check to see if any new This American Life Podcasts have come through to my itunes, listening helps me get into my cleaning groove.

And that is all bloggers. That. is. all.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Upon further reflection

I think I am experiencing...


Reading, Day 3

I miss the theatre so much....

it hurts.

Sunday, May 03, 2009


Stomach...been hurting all day.

Head...a little spinny.

Daughter...played well in her play-a-thon.

The Artist Table I was in charge of...was a big improvement from last year.

Church...was enlightening and challenging because we forgot our church bag.

Dinner...was half asleep while I made it, 3/4 asleep while I ate it.

Nap...45 minutes long...then back to the play-a-thon


Music....almost solid 2 days.


Toe...hurts (what? I walked the run/walk...and I workout several times each week, weird).

Stomach...still hurts.

Could it be Stress? Too busy? Swine Flu? the Pomegranate Izze soda I drank Saturday night?

Gas X...ingested.


Saturday, May 02, 2009

Run/Walk 2009

So, the race.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to the cause this year. I raised nearly 700 dollars. Blows my mind, especially in this economy.

The race was as exciting as ever. The rain held out for us! I sent an email to my team saying I would be there around 8 to stake out a spot and hold our sign. When it came time for me to leave, I thought: really...why am I going so early? no one is going to get there an hour early to wait around with me. I am just going to chill and take my time. At 8 the phone rang: We're here...where are you? my apartment.

Whoops. I guess after years of being miss early, I have trained people. Sorry guys. Thanks for picking up the sign and staking out the spot.

I ended up losing my entire team, but one friend and we chatted the entire way. I missed out on observing all the peops, but managed to photograph a few inspirations...Pink-haired lady:

Giant Pooch:

Mother/son team:

We finished in about an hour. My legs were a little sore....

This afternoon I practiced for a reading I am doing on Tuesday at NYU, and by 12:45, when my posse still hadn't returned, the only logical thing to do was to get some zzzz's. I got a half hour, broke for lunch and then DH and I convinced the Disney Channel to babysit for us so we could catch a few more hours. I finally feel rested. Even got some laundry and PTA stuff done tonight. Woo-hoo.