Monday, August 31, 2009


My iphone has arrived. And I want to marry it.

August Loves

Holding my hand so tight in the waves, not letting go.
When you went under, saying: "No worries." (I think you picked that phrase up from Aunt and Uncle)
Thinking the Ferry was a Fairy
I served the girls a can of beefaroni the day before payday, from our 72-hour kit, it's best-by date long past, and Lolly explained: "Mom, I've been DYING for this". That's all it takes then? huh.
Phoebe telling a story: "Once upon a time.....and they had a little girl, named Phoebe, and they were so happy, until her mom had a little devil come out of her belly...." Lolly smiles and waves, indicating, she is the devil, and proud of it.
During her evening prayers, praying for the cake she was going to have for breakfast in the morning
Pouring over the Hallloween Catalogs.

Being all: "I got this!" when in the dangerous waves, you wanted NO HELP.
Calling them Twicks instead of Ticks.
Walking in Times Square and getting itchy to see a Broadway show.
As we waded through a sample sale, "Mom, you don't have the budget for that"
As we split apart a cookie: "Mom, you've had enough sugar today."
As I talked myself into buying the free people ruffle jacket I want with my hospital rebate check: "Mom! Stop! what about Bye Bye Birdie Tickets budget?" (never bought the jacket)
Hey mom, on the plane I watched a show called 16 & Pregnant. (speechless)

Being so concerned about the cable not working.
Crying at the article in ESPN magazine
Helping me by taking the kids when I went to the voice doc.
A wonderful anniversary dinner.
Trying to understand why my eye twitches.

Calling Neptune Diner: "Do you have banana cream pie?"
Neptune Diner Guy: "Yes. And I had it Yesterday too."
And that helps me to know that how? Oh, I guess I am getting day-old pie, which is actually making it more appealing....
Ending up getting banana cream pie at Bel Aire Diner for the mere fact that it was closer...I passed it on the WAY to neptune.
Trying to embrace my eye twitch.

3rd Gone

So, for #3....not so happy times.

She had complained a few times about her tooth hurting and I looked at it and didn't see anything odd. Then, in the middle of the night on Thursday she woke us up:

Daddy, my tooth hurts.

I mumbled something about tylenol and then I took a look at it in the morning. It looked. BAD. It wasn't her tooth, it was her gums. They had exploded. I called my Dad (Dentist Extraordinaire)...woke him up, and he suggested getting her to the dentist ASAP.

I called them at 8 AM and they were also insistent on coming in immediately.


My husband is out of town today and I have a callback at 11, which I cannot change. After explaining my situation and why I could not bring my daughter in RIGHT THEN, they finally joined Team Posse and permitted me to come in as soon as I could, which was around 2.

The doc took a look and took an xray. Man, a 7-year-old who has only lost 2 teeth, her xray was radder then my MRI. All. Those. Teeth. Anyway, he recommended we jet on over to a kid dentist for a second opinion, but after he spoke to her, she made the decision right there on the phone.

I took Phoebz into the waiting room and asked her if she wanted the truth or a made up story. She requested TRUTH. I told her she would get her tooth pulled. Tears followed. We called Papa and he explained that it doesn't hurt so much, but it does make a loud noise and that's just the tooth saying Goodbye. We also discussed the tooth fairy and how she probably knows the difference between a scary tooth extraction and just a dumb old baby tooth being wiggled out.

And off she went. I went in to try to add some comfort, but seconds late the dentist insisted I leave. So Lolly and I tried to clean up the crayons that had somehow gotten strewn all over the office, and then I heard the blood curdling screams that brought me right back to that time in the pediatrician's office with me holding my week-old baby's heel up against a paper, while a nurse squeezed out drops of blood to fill the 5 largest circles on a paper I have ever seen in my life, all in the name of PKU.

So I stood outside the door and listened to everything. I listened to the doctor calmly say: "It's just cotton. Calm down. Relax." I heard her coughs that threaten she's going to puke (a la taking any liquid medicine), and braced myself for the puke to cover the office. Thankfully, that did not happen.

Finally we were reunited and 20 minutes later she still wasn't quite over it. She was just plain Mad. I told her she was brave and through wails she screamed: NO I WASN'T!

The tooth. Well, it was disgusting, so of course I am sharing it here. The tooth fairy took that nasty tooth and left her 10 bucks.

Here she is a few days later, in much better spirits. And I think she's kind of excited about the metal spacer she will get put in this week. It's pre-braces. And she is excited about braces. What?

I have experienced some mother's guilt through this experience, but at the same time, I am glad she survived. She has a lot of dental work to come. I'm pretty sure she has to have an entire piece of bone removed in her upper jaw, so I have to start saving for when the tooth fairy carries off that giant dental bone in about 10 years.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


We celebrated!

First stop: craftsteak. We are Top Chef fans, so we wanted to check out one of Tom's restaurants. The food was very delicious, service excellent, our bellies, full.

Mom, I took a picture of the rolls for you:

We skipped dessert even though Jason heard there was an amazing pastry chef on staff. We walked across Manhattan to The Stand for milkshakes.

I took the opportunity to announce our anniversary on the bathroom walls, that's two years in a row that we have written on restaurant walls in celebration! (we wrote on Gino's East's walls last year in Chicago)

Jason got chocolate and I got toasted marshmallow. I heard about it here. Jason asked what it tasted like, and it tasted just like the marshmallows I burn in the campfire. I no longer need to go camping.

We ended the evening on the High Line. We enjoyed sitting beneath the Standard Hotel and imagining how cool it would be to stay there. Alas, we had to get home to the product of our 11-year union.

At 1:11 AM we tag-teamed the accident in the bathroom. Took us 7 minutes exactly to strip her down, wash her, wash the soiled clothes, get her new jammies and pop her back into bed. 7 years ago that would have taken us much longer.

We've come a long way.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


When I was 19, I got married. Good thing it worked out.

11 seems like a shady number.

10 was a fabulous anniversary. We could have died outside Charlie Trotter's and been completely satisfied with our 10-year journey.

But alas, we made it one more. But 11, it's a nervous number. Like, 1 less than a dozen, not lucky at all, 2 number ones, and you can't count it on your two hands.

So. YES I am excited it's our anniversary, but I don't like the number 11. When can I start rounding up to 12?

Happy Anniversary honey.

Photo by Rachel Gundersen

Wait, how did those kids get in the background. ?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Brooklyn Children's Museum

You can go read my friend Littlest Bird's Post about it.

Or you can browse the pix below.

The newly-renovated Brooklyns Children's Museum is better then ever. We had such a great time last week on a hot, hot day.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Click, Clack, Moo

On our summer adventure list was to attend Click, Clack, Moo at the Lucille Lortel Theatre downtown. It's free, and chock-full of broadway talent.

We went with a friend and her son and she was smart enough to bring the book Click, Clack, Moo so that we were not confused about any plot points. She read it with feeling and gusto! I didn't ask her permission to post her photo, so I chose the blurry one:

Phoebe was totally fine with the idea of STRIKE! because of her recent viewingS of Newsies (hey Kenny Ortega and Christian Bale are more then just High School Musical and The Dark Knight).

I was pleasantly surprised to find a castmate of mine from over 7 years ago in Maryland performing as Jenny! It was really fun to see her. The girls were completely enthralled and excited about a bonus backstage tour.

I laughed out loud, tried to imagine Maddie the Cow as Elphaba, tried to envision playing Maddie the cow, and I really REALLY enjoyed the air conditioning and the company.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Set your Tivo.

TOMORROW (Thursday, August 27th!) ~ TODAY SHOW.

Look for:

The posse celebrating School Year's Eve in the audience.



Temper Tantrum. Me.


We're sorry mommy. I roll my eyes.


Sponge curlers. In MY hair.


Phoebe playing in an orchestra for the first time.


Phoebe casting-wearing a scarf and sweater. It's 90 degrees outside.


Oh yeah, this is for you too. I quickly remove the sponge curlers, look in the mirror and laugh.


No makeup on, curly (what?) hair with a handkerchief pulling it away from my face. Smile? Cheese! Did I get the job?


Donna Reed callback. Red lips, curly hair now sprayed like crazy. Have to be there early, so babysitter is out. Lolly finds the hidden GONG and, yes, beats it with the stick.


Today Show booking. Have to make signs, and be up at 5 AM. Hurry! Color fast kids! You have to get to bed.


Lights out....wait, did I take off my red lipstick?


Seriously, so good.

All this time we were going to CPK, and Patsy's was just sitting there across the street.

We scarfed this, the bread and our salads. Mmmmmmm....perfect for date night.

Patsy's Pizzeria. Check it out. So fresh. So delicious. Tasty!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My mother-in-law has been deceased for over 10 years. And since her passing, my husband has had this frame on his dresser, with the last photo they had taken together:

I passed it the other day while dusting, and thought, I can make that better!

I took a little visit to my scanner and then to and saved and printed. I like it!

Monday, August 24, 2009


It's just around the corner. Don't sit there and pretend you haven't had your costume planned since January.

I wanna be these! It'll have to wait until 2017 because I am booked until then.

Mrs. Cleaver

On Friday I had an audition.

I had to be a 1950's-esque mamma.

It was so hot. My petticoat was like wearing an electric blanket. If I had worn a girdle I would have fainted on the subway.

Dripping sweat all the way, willing it to not mess up my makeup.


Sunday, August 23, 2009


Eebee has a new mommy.

She's speaks spanish and dances a lot better than his old mommy, and she has a curly-cue ponytail:

Visine-A has a new all-graphics, with voice-over spot. Not me. Not my itchy, allergy super-blue eye.

Nuvaring still has those swimmers, but now they have girls talking about them.

Is Huggies still running in Israel?

Somebody throw me a bone here!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Birthday. Tomorrow.

Dear Dad,

Happy Birthday!

I don't even know how old you are, let me, you can't be 58? Are you really 58?

I just wanted to say, thanks for teaching me about forgiveness. From the moment I met you, and called you "RAT FACE" you have been forgiving me ever since.

Thanks for caring about my personal struggles and talking me through my stuff to help me get from point A to point B. Our most recent trip has really opened up some spaces for me and now I am getting better at forgiveness, just like you.

You are an amazing grandpa to my girls. They love Papa so much. Thanks for playing "Fetch the goggles" with Lolly for two hours in the public pool this past summer, and making sure everyone had a bike. I hope you have a great birthday!

Love, ME.


Our Summer Adventure on Wednesday was riding the Roosevelt Island Tram.

Of course, I forgot my camera. BUT! I convinced a fellow-photographer to take our photo and email it to me. And she did:

It was fun. I read it took 4 minutes to ride from Manhattan to the Island, but it felt more like 2 minutes. Either way, it was fun. And free, because my monthly metrocard swiped us through! Yeah. The visit to Dylan's Candy Bar afterward, was NOT free. Darn.

Friday, August 21, 2009


The pool.

I love when people do things in unison. 7th Inning Stretch, Praying, a 5K...

Swimming together, I do not love.

And this is why:

As I prepare for the pool I first check myself to see if everything is properly shaved, then I pick out which unflattering suit I am going to put on, then which cover-up I can use to... cover. it. up. Then I have to put on the sunscreen. Everywhere. And it smells, its greasy and I know that I will have to reapply it in an hour or 2.

Repeat twice with the Posse.

As I drive to the pool I think about all of the other unflattering bathing suits that will inevitably show up, the hair on everyone else that will remain unshaved, the wide array of tattoos (Today's winner: Only God Judges Me). I think about STD's, menstrual periods, pee in the pool, poo hiding in kids butts (including my own kids), yeast infections, floating band-aids, dead bugs, tree debris (after a storm), strong (it better be) chlorine, bedbugs, lice, and my kids inability to swim...water in my ears.

And then as I remove my flip-flops and walk barefoot on the fungal, bacteria-laden, feet-from-all-over-Queens-have-walked-this, deck, the giant SWITCH in my brain is turned to the off position, and I get in the pool.

Yesterday I found a spot with a very strong spray. I massaged my feet one after the other for quite a while. Then I got hot, and remembered why I hate the pool. Heat, heat, and more heat, wondering if my sunscreen is working, if the kid's sunscreen is working, and then my thoughts are interrupted by a kid jumping in RIGHT next to where I am sitting---really? It's an Olympic-size this exact scenario repeats over and over, I turn the irritated switch off, because, I get's a pool, kids are going to jump in...ok...ok...

And then I lose site of Lolly and I immediately watch for kids under the water drowning and every time I see a body under, lingering for a few seconds my heart leaps into my throat, and after 3 of those and 3 "calm-down-you'll-find-her" talks, the mom next to me who I have recruited to look, finds her. And then I am just pissed at the dumb kid who distracted me in the first place with guess what question:

"Why are you afraid to get in?"

"I'm not afraid. I just don't like the pool."

"Why don't you like the pool?"

"I just don't."


Then, as I find my not-drowned child, she has moved in and stolen my foot-massager.

But. My kids had such a great time. In the pool, they move in different ways, testing their strength, spreading their limbs, inventing games, performing magic, taking risks. And they are joyful, confident, expressive. I feel so glad that I gave them a few hours in the pool today, and so bad that I gave them my butt, but! at this age, theirs are still cute.

YES, I still hate the pool.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Guess how I murdered my phone?


it was a water death.


We finally made it to the highline. I've had my eye on this park for a while...

Look at the flowers planted on the roof across the street:

I love the architecture, the ode to the tracks, this glass art has a really cool story behind it--in a few words it's a reflection of the tones of the Hudson River. Love the wildlife, the escape it is from the hustle and bustle below. On a cooler day, would have loved to sit and read.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mother-Hater Part Deux

Mother Hater #1: Construction Worker

We are standing in front of the bagel stand. Phoebz and Lollz have bagels from CBS, I am there to get a donut to try to take care of my nausea (I swear). Lolly decides she wants a bagel from the stand, with cream cheese on it. I say NO, you already have a bagel. So she looks at me and throws hers on the sidewalk.

I tell her that is the only bagel she is getting, so she better pick it up.

Construction Worker (CW) tells her she shouldn't eat that, that I can't let her eat that.

Me: Why, you think it will make her sick?

CW: Yeah, there's Dog Sh#t on the ground and stuff, she can't eat that. (to Lolly) What do you want?

Lol: Bagel with cream cheese?

Me: No, please, she is fine with that bagel.

CW orders her a bagel and cream cheese and then picks out a juice for her.

I SHOULD have walked away. I SHOULD have explained that she deliberately threw her bagel on the ground and this was a lesson in anti-bratism. I SHOULD have, but I didn't because I needed to stand in that line so I could get my donut.

I spoke no further about it to Lolly.

Mother Hater #2: Angry Grandma

Usually when we ride the subway I can tell when my children are bothering another passenger. I try to be sensitive to our surroundings most of the time. I don't plug in my ipod or read my book, I actually parent my children.

Today it was crowded. My kids were getting into each other's business a bit, Lolly screamed a few times. I asked her to please be quiet, and pointed out that people around her were trying to read etc. When they started squabbling a bit, I sat in between them, a tactic I use quite often. As I was sitting down Angry Grandma (AG) shouted in Lolly's face something like: STOP IT!

Not sure the exact words but it didn't matter, her intention was quite clear.

I looked her in the eye and calmly asked if I could help her with something.

AG: You could discipline your kids.

Me: Would you like me to move my daughter so that she is not sitting next to you? (I didn't wait for an answer, just moved her to my other side so that I was sitting right next to AG).

AG continued to page through her paper with very angry, turning-the-page movements.

Me: Are you a mother?

AG: Yes

Me: Do you have some tips you could share with me about how I might discipline my children?

AG: You don't INSIST they obey you. (that wasn't advice, that was criticizing me)

Me: How did you insist your children obey? Did you hit them? Put them in timeout?

AG: (now looking me in the eye) I would NEVER hit my children.

I decided it wasn't a good time to share with her that I do spank my children (one in particular guess which?). Instead, I said:

Well, it's a difficult venue, the subway train, so if you have any ideas, I would love to hear.

I made eye contact with a few other passengers who had their eyebrows raised I believe in sympathy for me, Lolly asked if she was in trouble and I just kept staring at AG while she paged and ignored me until she got off the train.

Upon reflection I found it interesting that CW and AG both verbally abused (CW with his language, AG with her rage-in-face) my children, whilst criticizing my parenting, trying to save them from me. I thought both jumped to conclusions so quickly about my skill as parent. I also wished there was an APP for giving an intruding stranger a glimpse into the relevant/current challenges involved in this trio of mother and daughters and how damaging their words might have been to me, say on any given day last year?

It's bothering me enough to buh-log about it, but I am also just in awe at the intrusion today. Kind of reminded me of the guy at Costco that one time.

In Case you Missed it.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Monday, August 17, 2009

Set your Tivo

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 7 to 9 EST, CBS Early Show, one of the posse will be grooving some back-to-school fashions!

I just got word that the segment will air at 8:33 AM.


After my concussion, almost 18 months ago, I slept for about 3 days straight.

Sometimes I was awakened by the Fillipino Grandma trying to communicate, but without the words she needed, other times by my extremely chatty roommate who was also an actor, and needed what sounded like a bizarre procedure: blood shot into her spinal chord?, I wasn't annoyed by either of them, just went on sleeping.

And then for a year or so, no amount of sleep was enough. My head would hit the pillow and I was out, and when the alarm went off, I was amazed it had been 8 hours. My eyes felt so heavy, they could barely open. Sometimes even it felt like my body was asleep but my mind was awake and aware. At church, after sitting for a few minutes or a few hours, I had to retreat to the lobby and sleep on the couch. Several times I fell asleep while eating dinner. Half the time, I didn't have it in me to make it to the gym in the morning (well, that hasn't really changed, I average about 3 mornings a week.)

My husband would wake up with tales about what the girls had been up to in the middle of the night, namely Lolly, going to the bathroom, getting water, whatever the shenanigans were, I was completely unaware.

Then a few months ago, I started hearing when one of the girls got up in the night. I even heard before Jason did. And sometimes I wake up at 2 or 3 or 4 for no reason at all. Sometimes I wake up just a few minutes before the alarm is going to go off. Sometimes, I can't fall asleep at night!

And this is annoying and also a step. I feel that I am healing a bit more. I actually have nights when I am startled by noise, or I'm too hot, or I have to pee.

But last night. At around 2:30 I heard little feet and hands and little stirrings of little girls. I tried to go back to sleep but there were more noises and more stirrings. Finally I was completely awake and I needed to investigate, mostly because Miss Phoebe turns her air conditioner down to 60 and on HIGH, often....

I turned the corner and the light was on. My little ones were having a 2 AM water party. "We were just drinking some water!" I checked the air conditioner, still at 75. I scolded (I'm getting very good at that lately), and then went off to bed. A few minute later I heard the air conditioner buttons and caught Phoebe red-handed (I learned that phrase in The Great Muppet Caper). More scolding, and then just laying in my bed for an hour thinking about how I am so glad I am awake right now and so mad too.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nie Update

I am still following Nie. And today, she is the bravest.

Click here.

Friday, August 14, 2009


The poor people that ride the subway with the posse.

collage brought to you by picnik.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Old Version

Ok...well, at least I have this old version for now...

What happened to my blog?

Why is all my code suddenly dissappeared? Look I even have GOOGLE and EDIT ME on the side.

Now my need for banana cream pie just went up....I have to get some now before I get really upset about this.


Look, I found my original Barbie and the Rockers at my mom's house:

She has the coolest hair (and hair piece), and the prettiest eye shadow. And I made sure she always had her wedding ring on. Derek was her husband of course. Oh yeah, I have him too.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One Short Day

It was easy to wake up this morning.

Partly because I had no time for the gym, certainly had nothing to do with the dance audition I committed to. No, it was easy because it was a day of possibilities, a day for me.

I showered and dressed in my one dance outfit, and said a prayer.

I met up with my friend on the corner of 8th and 34th at 9 and she took my children from me. My children couldn't have been happier. Heck, I couldn't be happier.

I got to the call, my first EVER dance chorus call, and was shocked to hear my name called 3rd. A different friend signed me up and usually when we sign each other up, we are on page 2, because we're moms and we don't get up super early to be the #1 signed up. The first two people were not there, so my card had a big fat #1 on it. Normally, I welcome being first, but not when I have no idea what I am doing.

35 of us shuffled into the dance studio and learned the Thanksgiving dance (1:23 for a short glimpse) from South Pacific, from the choreographer himself. I was fine with the first 16 counts, but then as it got Tappier and Tappier, I felt like I did at Charlie Trotters last year for my anniversary and saw ALL THAT SHELLFISH and almost bailed. A little voice inside me, that has experienced some serious resistance training this past year, hollering over all the other debilitating voices, infused me with bravery.

My favorite moment of the audition was when the choreographer reminded us experienced dancers to ignore that "checklist in our heads checking off, toe pointed, shoulders back" yadda yadda, and to "just be real....pretend we were nurses on an island with like 2 years of experience." HA! No problem here. I even went so far as to pretend I had NO experience...that made my audition even better. SMILE.

Whenever I have found myself in a group dance audition situation I am the one in the back, going over it and over it while everyone else auditions. Today, I was in the FIRST group of 3, so after it was over, instead of reviewing it 15 more times, I texted...

I left smiling, seriously guys, I am SO 50 now. I didn't even emotionally eat right after, but did stop by H and M for socks and underwear for my chillies.

On my way home, I got an egg and cheese bagel for lunch and skipped the EVERYTHING part because I had a date with hubby tonight. When I got home I realized I needed a cold Cream Soda (my new occasional cupcake and coke substitute), and a chat with yet another friend.

Faced with an entire afternoon to myself, I turned on the Top Chef Masters episodes I needed to catch up on, and cleaned my entire condo, followed by a trip to the post office that was the shortest I have EVER experienced (figures, no kids), tweeted/blogged for a bit, talked to my sister and continued Julie & Julia. On my way to pick up the girls I stopped in Bloomies for some zit stuff and then devoured a cupcake that the girls had made.


I am refreshed.

Thank you friend.

ps. bonus points if you can find the Wicked references.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh no.

I thought our summer was going so well. I was looking forward to the rest of it, and the adventures yet to be had.

Yesterday I snapped. I am like DONE with being mom, making food, cleaning (NOT actually) house, having kids just not obeying at ALL. Add to it the fact that nothing work-wise has picked up (perhaps the real source of my discontent), and I made a complete 180 degree turn from being so happy it was summer and happy we still had some more left, to the first day of school couldn't come any sooner.

I might just need a break from the kiddos. My friend must have ESP, like she predicted this would happen this week, only knew LAST week...on Friday she asked if she could take my kids for a day THIS week. How can I say no? And it's tomorrow and tomorrow couldn't come any quicker.

I actually told my children today their job was to find a new mom. They thought I was joking, no, not teasing, and their feelings were hurt, but, ha-ha that's so funny mom!

All I want to do is sit on my couch and read Harry Potter #7 (I am about 3/4 done) and Julie and Julia (I love it so far, I have been to all the places she goes to, and I can really relate to her life!). I am going to treat myself to seeing the film as soon as I can, Times Traveler's Wife too.

Ok. 4 weeks until the first day. I can do this. I CAN do this.


This job feels like it was forever ago...I almost forgot about it!

Check out Magicuts. Make sure you click on the Gallery or Contact page too.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Ya'll are good at voting! This time it's for a friend:

Click here and vote on the left for This Mama Makes Stuff.

You can only vote once per computer, but feel free to spread the word!

Thanks ; )

30! the new 50

I remember a few years ago when my mother turned 50, she had this new lease on life. She would relate a personal anecdote to me of how she had stood up for herself or said "No" to someone and after would say: "I can do that now, because I'm 50."

I found her moxie to be inspiring.

However, I had a fair amount already, and though mine might have waned or got rerouted a little bit during my recent struggles, I'm still pretty brave.

And of course, this gets me into trouble fairly often. But I feel pretty comfortable with the trouble because it usually involves me telling the truth, or at least trying to, telling my truth, trying to figure out if it's right, or needs some tweaking.

This week I felt 50 for a few incidences:

1. A new (now) friend told me just what she thought of me before she got to know me. That conversation is usually an unpleasant one. It happened in high school a few times: "I used to hate you until you became my best friend" conversations. Anyone else have these? Anyway, when she began I braced myself, but I felt okay with hearing it, and was glad that she gave me a chance and realized that perhaps she misunderstood me. Phewsh.

2. I unassigned myself to a school project. I got assigned to it pretty much against my will the first time, and was recommitted to it for year 2, also without my instigation. Grrr. After a few months mulling it over, I took myself off the project.

3. Even though it was only 2 dollars less, I insisted that the manager at Toys R Us give me the price as marked on the sign, even though it caused a lot of customers to wait several minutes while we walked back to the sign, looked it up on the computer, yadda yadda...After she made the price adjustment she pointed out a survey I could take online: "Since I went out of my way and all....I mean, it was not out of my way, just excellent service." I thought that was funny. I didn't fill out the survey. I do things like that when I'm not asked, the minute someone tells me what to do...

4. I had an audition this week. It was an open call for a the workshop of the new musical ELF (I know, I hope it's good too). It was at a casting office that rules NYC and I have never felt good about any audition I have had there, in fact, the last time I went there, I was typed-out [casting dir. looks at you and your resume and by credits/sight decides if they will hear you sing. If you are typed OUT, you are sent away without singing]. For the first time at a musical audition, I wore jeans, a t-shirt and my converse sneakers. I sang that song better then I ever have, I was not nervous and I owned the room. It was a personal triumph! I walked away so relieved that after 7 years auditioning in this town, I really had my best audition for theatre SO FAR. Feeling so good, I'm going to an open movement call next week. HA!

And there are a few more, like when a fellow-shopper was totally rude to me and I (nicely, I promise) didn't let her get away with it. And when I tried to (a tad frantically) stand up for myself at the airport when the ticket agent improperly assumed I had a stroller and wouldn't let me on the plane until she tagged it (um...carrying 6 heavy bags b/c of your exorbitant charges on checked baggage-2 kids!--no stroller! please take the tickets from my lovely helper daughter!!!!!!!).

I never knew 50 would feel so good. The best part, for 50? I look good too. I hope it lasts...because I don't want to have to pay for hair dye until I'm 70...only a few years away.

Sunday, August 09, 2009


This one was loose a lot longer and involved much more drama upon it's removal...probably my fault. Ok. ALL.

Her new tooth is about a quarter poked through. Phoebe is lamenting that: "It's really crooked!"

She looks so old here, maybe it's the dangly earrings:

Corn and Soft Serve

We went on a drive through the Hudson Valley this past weekend.

After a while driving down main street after main street, I decided all I wanted was some fresh-picked corn and soft-serve ice cream. Twist. Duh!?

And just around the next corner I got both at Dressel's. A dozen ears for $4.45. What? Shucked it on the grassy patch in our backyard before boiling it up that night. Softserve? Twist. Check. And they had a kid cone, which was perfect for my new calorie-counter husband (and the rest of us). When was the last time the four of us got ice cream for less than 7 bucks? Sheesh.

We ate lunch at Joey's. I had a great breakfast panini and Lolly devoured her banana maple crepes. She has been EATING lately...must be growing. As we ate, a local singer performed Clapton hits for us with voice, guitar and was random and a nice little piece of America (I know Clapton's not American, but the town, the singer, the food, you get it).

Phoebe wanted to know what all the red, white and blue flags were about. We explained that it was our nation's flag and displaying it was these citizen's way of expressing patriotism...pretty sure she had her headphones back on before we finished our speech.

And then suddenly the day was over. We devoured the corn and then tucked the kids in, and stayed up too late watching one of those HD movies on TNT.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Sky Swim

Really, is there any other way?

Friday, August 07, 2009

Didn't even plan it.

I bought these sunglasses on Fire Island because they were the only choice, turns out:

We had a pair just like it, already.

Thursday, August 06, 2009


I watched this video and decided I needed to visit LeVain:

So, it made our summer adventure list.

We finally visited on Tuesday:

for a closer look at the lady on the bench, click here.

I like Trader Joes Banana Chocolate Chunk Muffins better, but this bread is a great dessert:

So rich, I nibbled on this all day, and couldn't even finish it. SOFT, melty chocolate chips.

Definiteley recommend if you are visiting the UWS, LeVain Bakery.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


On our trip, we visited an icon of my childhood, the Museum of Science and Industry.

I will never forget as a child, walking through an enormous heart, walking along the glass cases full of real human embryos, fetuses, placentas, even twins. It was fascinating watching them grow week after week, and I was always thinking about the mother who donated her dead baby to science. I can still recall the heartache that I carried even while I was fascinated by the little parts.

Another favorite stop was the baby chicks. The eggs incubator, the hatching eggs, and the fluffy, jumpy chickies. Our trip this time included the chicks--so social those little birds, and an extra: The Harry Potter Exhibition.

The Harry Potter Exhibit was really cool, so many costumes, set-pieces, and props. There was an opening video montage that included lots of Voldemort footage that I wasn't quite ready for my kiddos to see, but oh well, now maybe it won't be so scary when we finally allow them to view past #3. Another stop was a docent/actor who sorted a few children in our audience with the sorting hat. When she asked for volunteers, Lolly skipped the raising hand and waiting part, and just walked up on stage. The girl asked what house she thought she was part of and she replied: Slytherin.

Turns out the hat sorted her to be a Slytherin. Well, in a way, that's not so surprising is it...little devil!

Our last stop captured my children's attention quite a bit, here's Lolly with some Cow Big Giants:

And tractors are always a good time no?

I liked this sign and bench combo:

It was a great time. So glad we stopped by, even the though the baby exhibit is no longer, and I am still wearing a dark bruise on my knee from when I fell up the stairs, but now it has a friend, a bloody scrape from the ocean floor...apparently I'm clumsy. Ouch.