Monday, November 30, 2009

In the Zone

I live a polarized life. It's up or it's down. It's sometimes extreme. Right now both are working at once. It's down because of the injury and all I need to do...but the stuff I need to do is up. Get it?

I also live my life sometimes from one big thing to the next. Like little rocks in a pond....Ok, big rocks. So recently the rocks: Thanksgiving and my upcoming concert. Until I am done with the concert rock, I have a hard time thinking about anything else. Jason calls it THE ZONE.

Clothing Options gathered
Practiced pieces
Christmas presents organized to transport
Airport Wheelchair ordered
Coat, Contacts, Glasses picked up
Prescriptions Refilled
Boot Cozy knitted
Christmas decorations up

Decide on my outfit
Practice some more
Plan meals for my family while I'm away
Figure out what will take the place of "3 days to shop while I'm there" now that I'm injured
Paint nails
Finish addressing cards

November Loves

Peed like 6 times in 2 hours and I could not figure out why. I kept asking her if it hurt or if she just had the sensation but no pee. Nope. TONS of pee every time. And then I realized that during her bath she was filling up an old bottle (clean) of bubble bath with water and drinking the whole thing, many times over. I know, the whole thing is disgusting, but glad I figured out why she kept peeing.
Why do Boots and Dora never have to go to the bathroom?
Someone said to you: "You're a hero!" and you clarified: "No, I'm a princess Hero!"
Being SO excited that you had no bugs after lice-check day.
Giving my foot a wide girth when you passed it.
We were playing Cinderalla and Sleeping Beauty, I asked you how your castle was, and you replied: "It's so Pink-ah-shink-is"
Playing so hard on Thanksgiving you forgot about poop!
Adding Swirly (pointer finger going in circles high above your head) to the Rock, Paper & Scissors options. Swirly beats everything.

night before Election Day: SO! What's the plan for tomorrow? (NO SCHOOL!)
teaching Lolly Rock, Paper, Scissors on the bus. So funny
Getting lots of good grades! Hooray!
Suggesting Daddy and I go see AVATAR. Once I saw the preview, I thought that was funny for some reason.
Reading me Geronimo Stilton outloud while we waited for the surgeon at the hospital.
Focusing so well on practicing.
Being so excited about all things Holiday!
Begging us to wake up at 4:30 to shop on Black Friday!

Supporting me through my broken foot day.
Being there for me during my crisis.
Taking care of everything and everybody all the time.
Ikea meltdown.
New obsession with Country music.
Enthusiasm for Parade, Dinner and Black Friday!
Asking me before you left for the parade: "So, should I like, bring a camera or something?" Now I know if I die, everything will be ok!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Technicolor Dreams

I worked out on Friday. I rode the bike and attempted squats without much luck, did some crunches, bicep curls. It was low key.

On Saturday morning when I got out of bed my leg started throbbing, similar to the initial throbbing on the day I broke my foot. I made it through breakfast and then just felt riddled with pain. It was like a calf/shin splint/charlie horse, overwhelming pain. When I just touched my calf it was like: OUCH!

It was a lot of pain. I made a scene, laying on my bedroom floor. The kids looked alarmed. Jason explained I am an actor and need to create drama sometimes.

I popped some ibuprofen a few times and got through the day, but felt the workout made me backtrack a bit.

So, maybe I'll try again on Monday. Doc says I probably shouldn't hula hoop, but I'm kinda thinking I want to try it...more focus on my core then on my legs. After all, on the bike, you ONLY have your legs to help out.

My foot remains the technicolor wonder. In between each of my toes is a dark purple color, and my heel is all shades of purple. The swelling still gets less, but the colors get richer. I'm still doing a lot of sitting. Blah............

Friday night I dreamt about picking through people's hair looking for lice. I'm trying to interpret I looking for something? Am I bored by the monotony? Is my strong desire to be busy manifesting in dreams? Am I just paranoid?

Clearly I need to be working out more. Clearly I need to be working out less.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday

Right before bed on Thanksgiving night, Phoebe had a request:

"Can we please! PLEASE! go to the crewcuts outlet to go shopping in the morning?"

Jason really wanted to go too. See, we got this postcard, and CLEARANCE items were 40% off before 8 AM.

This is why we left our house at 5.

I only agreed to this plan after Jason researched the wheelchair situation at the outlet.

We picked up our friends and headed out.

As we approached the outlet, we saw many pedestrians walking away from the outlet, loaded down with bags. There were tons of cops there to manage the traffic. Perhaps there was crazy traffic throughout the night, because I know this year many retailers were open at midnight (J Crew, 9 pm Thursday night), so people could shop ALL. NIGHT. LONG. We did not experience any crazy traffic at around 6 AM though.

We drove in, and on our way to the closest parking lot, I asked to be dropped off near the handicap parking, and lo and behold there was a parking spot that was actually CLOSER to the stores then the handicap spots, and no sign telling us we couldn't park there. It was another Thanksgiving Miracle. And the third PARKING miracle since the Foot Break of 2009. (FB09).

We were close enough to J Crew, that I hobbled there as fast as I could and shopped in the madness. It wasn't all mad, one of the first people I saw in the store was begging to get her photo taken:

As I watched people weighed down with bags and bags, drinking lots of coffees, eating entire DINNERS around 7 AM, I found myself wanting to know everybody's story. And WHAT were in those bags?

After JCrew, we acquired my wheelchair. This is when we really started KILLING the outlet black friday madness. My favorite purchase of the day was some shorts from the lulu lemon outlet. I never GOT the craze or the price, but now that I have sampled, I get it. And it has already helped motivate me to not let the workouts go. I biked yesterday for the first time since FB09 and things are looking up.

Friday, November 27, 2009


LIST: Traditions
8th Annual Live Viewing of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Grandma Mabel's Cinnamon Roll Recipe for the parade (with a few Kage adjustments)
Grandma Jeanne's foil-covered solid chocolate Turkeys (usually found in the Bingo prize basket), adorning the table.
Mom Lisa's Orange Rolls--hers are better.
Mother-in-law Tina's apron that she handmade decades ago.

LIST: Miracles
Front-row seats at the parade.
Blogger friend Delilas finding the Posse among the masses.
Best Gravy EVER.
Chocolate Turkeys-50% off! Surprise!
Parking spot RIGHT outside Baskin-Robbins to acquire Ice Cream Turkey.

LIST: Something New
Decorated Gingerbread houses in lieu of football.
Soundtrack: Pandera Radio, Station: Sugarland, Christmas (My first COUNTRY Thanksgiving)
Surprise presents from Mom.
Christmas cards NOT in the mail the day after.

LIST: Classic
Receiving Texts during the parade from Whitney:
"Bomb Cinni Rolls"
"Phoebe's response to the parade: 'is that it?' Ha ha"
Lolly POOPED her pants. So glad I have the broken foot sometimes ; )
Jason cleans it ALL up (poop, food, you name it). Love that man.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thanksgiving 2009

Grateful for:
~The Climb
~Paying the bills
~Speech Therapy
~My good right foot
~Service Projects
~The Season

And you?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


If you think it's weird that I am posting photos of my blue foot on my blog, then you obviously haven't been reading me since the post-my-placenta days over at Tales.

This is nothing....

but isn't it something? I tried to change the temperature of these photos to bring out the blue a bit, because the photos don't do it justice. I am amazed that the blue goes all the way to the toes and how the line is drawn right there at my heel.

Gotta keep my eyes open for the art.

While my foot heals, I engaged in a little art-making myself....

I am astounded that I made no mistakes, that my brain did not fail me, I could think this through and figure it out. I got the best Christmas colors with a gold stripe....I wanted it to be Grandma Kitsch, and I achieved it. My pattern-as-I-go approach actually looks planned!

This boot cozy....has been my bright spot.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mommy College: The Discipline Book

The Discipline Book, by William and Martha Sears is a great reference book for all kinds of discipline issues.

Their discussion on spanking in particular made me feel much better about my choice to spank in the past, and encouraged me to explore different (better) disciplining techniques in the future. Their explanations for and against various punishments were not as concrete as Unconditional Parenting, so it helped me feel less guilty as a parent, but Unconditional Parenting was so polarized to one side, it motivated me more to see things completely differently. I am glad I read them around the same time, to compare and contrast methods.

The Sears brought up issues that I had thought a lot about, but didn't know an expert would point out. Phoebe is a twitcher and a tooth grinder, and there was a whole section on how to squelch this behavior. I am not sure if their techniques will work on her, but that validated my concern for her twitches. Mostly I am watching her overall anxiety levels and trying to find correlation between events in her life and her twitching. I am worried less about it now, knowing that a lot of kids behave in this way.

I saw on the back of the book that there are a ton of Sears books out there, so I am curious as to whether or not the material overlaps. I think for a used copy at 1 penny on amazon, it's a nice reference book to have on the shelf in a bind.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Thanks for letting me know Mrs. Rose! Actual website here.

Something Blue

Sunday, November 22, 2009


It's kind of cool to be able to see the healing process right before your very eyes. 20ish years ago when I broke my left wrist and then 6 weeks later my left arm (come on, this does not surprise any of you), my little arm was in the cast, and then magically better once the cast was removed. This time around, I get to check in on my foot.

I sent this pic to my mom: "do you think it's broken?"

DAY 3:

DAY 6:

I have taken a big leap the past few days...getting better....and my feet will look even prettier once I have some of this awesome matte polish on.

As if you needed another reason to love TARGET

A high point of the foot injury: of COURSE I've always wanted to try one:

Look at that lady pushing the stroller behind me, she's totally jeal.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon

You know how when you are a really big fan of something, you dress up and go a little cookoo when a new installment comes out?

Well, I would consider myself a medium fan of the Twilight Series, but I am still going to see New Moon THIS WEEKEND. And, I am sort of dressing up.

I'm going as Bella at the prom.

Get it?

Friday, November 20, 2009


Dear Subway Stairs,

I'm still mad at you for breaking my foot (yes, I blame you, that will not change). And I ask you to please not ever do that to me again. I have to walk really really slow. It takes me about 10 times as long to go anywhere as it did back in the day, you know, when I could walk.

But, I wanted to thank you too. Walking slower in my city makes me see new things, smell new smells, and lifts my spirits. I love the city even more now that I have experienced in slow motion.

So, I forgive you.



Thursday, November 19, 2009

Third Person Thursday

She traded in her plaster splint situation for a fancy aircast yesterday.

Now she can sleep without a lot of weight on her foot, but she can't bear down, even though an expert doctor man switched her from non-weight-bearing to weight-bearing. She still has pain. She's getting creative about how to get around. The 4 AM pee-break involved scooting on her butt from the bed to the bathroom and back. She is so glad she has hardwood floors. She also depends on a heel-toe zig-zag dance especially when she's in the kitchen.

She worries about her good foot. She tries to concentrate on NOT breaking it.

She has had a lot of time for reflection since Monday. She has been reflecting on the good old days, back when she could walk. Ha!

She thought about how high her life was in March 2008, and the big long dip to the bottom when she had the seizure. Then the progressive dip to her lowest point in November. She was boxed completely in, darkness all around and the only way out---to climb up. She's been climbing ever since...for an entire year she has been trying to reach that high, happy place that was March 4, 2008. She sees it in the distance, sees that light at the end of the tunnel, but now she's taken a few steps back.

She feels she is on a precipice, she's looking down into that darkness, feeling a gravity that is strong, trying to pull her straight back down. She finds there is power within herself to choose, and she has to make the choice over and over again throughout the day. Time to stand up, make some food, pick up the kids, go somewhere, get dressed, take a shower, get from point A to point B.

She's searching for the lesson, searching for a reason. She has tried not to give up these past 18 months. Now, that last corner to round to March is going to be recovering from a fracture in her foot. Her husband says this happened to give her family an opportunity to serve her. She is perplexed. She is vulnerable, she is hanging on by a foot.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


And here it is in pictures:

Phoebe read to me while we waited. That was the only time I laughed all day:

I waited in this wheelchair for many hours, I really wanted to take it home:

The procedure:

I'm sort of in love with my brown corduroy pants. I even think about how I'm going to recreate them once they are completely worn out. Anyway, I wanted to save them, so I fashioned a hospital gown skirt for the ride home:

This is really big:

Jason gave me a live demonstration on how to use the crutches. I'm still pretty terrible at using them. My biggest challenge is remembering which foot is my right and which is my left and then how to respond to that with the right crutch in the right place at the right time.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday Memo

Monday, (yesterday):

I awoke at 5:30, and checked to see if the hot water had magically restored itself over night. It hadn't, so I put three pots of water on the stove on medium while I went down to the gym and ran 2 miles.

After my workout, I started to concoct a shallow bath for myself. I absolutely cannot handle a cold shower. This involved a few more rounds of heating water in my pots and even then, the shallow bath was warm at best. I got through it though!

After our violin practice I went to blow-dry my hair with my broken hair dryer. My regular hair dryer broke-broke (kind of exploded inside) on Saturday, but I saved the other broken hairdryer as a back-up for JUST this situation. For your information, hair-dryers provide hot air for a reason, much more effective in drying hair at a rapid rate and in warm snuggly comfort, then the cold air just blowing on your hair doing nothing but slowly, very slowly drying hair, after a luke-warm, shallow bath...

I conquered the coldness!

Lolly and I then headed out to a busy day: drop-off, attend Phoebe's lesson, print go-see, audition, pick-up Lolly, pick-up Phoebe, head home.

During our transfer at around 8:45, Lolly and I walked down one flight of stairs. She was talking my ear off about her cousin and I said: "Can you please hold that thought because I'm concentrating on walking?" (no joke, I really thought it important to focus on walking that morning). On the second set of stairs, on my fourth step, suddenly I found myself sitting on the second stair. We dropped Lolly's backpack and someone handed it to me and then we got up and made our way down the rest of the stairs. Lolly was all tears and said she hurt her bum and her foot. I picked her up and comforted her and then realized I was hurt too.

When I could not really walk at all, just hobbled slowly, and it took me longer to cross the street then the electronic walk/don't walk sign allowed, I suspected I was in trouble. I made it to Lolly's school and decided I needed to change the schedule. Instead of Phoebe's lesson I decided to ice. I elevated as much as I could with a bag of frozen edamame on my rapidly-swelling foot.

I asked a few parents for their opinion and a variety were given. I then decided that I would just ignore the fact that I could not walk and get on with my castings. I took a bus and then the subway and walked the half block to the first casting. I consulted with a few friends there, and they agreed my foot wasn't looking too good. I took a cab to the next audition, and in between called my doctor for a recommendation of a foot doctor.

My walking was getting slower and slower and very difficult, so I called the foot doctor and got an appointment. I showed up 2 and a half hours early because I couldn't do anything but sit, elevate and ice. I got all settled in the waiting room and then I was told that their office was not covered by my insurance. The doctor noticed that I was having a meltdown in the waiting room and that my foot was rather large and he would not let me leave.

He took some pictures and there it was: A fracture named Jones. And due to the whole insurance situation, he sent me away with a minimal charge for his service. He was the highlight of my day. A man who would not let the system dictate his decisions. He saw that I was in serious need and attended to me in haste.

I went to the ER...the place I was TRYING to avoid all along, and was home 8 hours later. I only had one other meltdown when I was freezing cold, overly hungry and alone. An otis spunkmeyer muffin, frosted cornflakes and strawberry yogurt scarfed down in about 2.5 minutes made me feel a bit better, but I was still in a puddle of tears. I asked a hospital employee in the hallway for some kleenex, her reply: "What's it for?"

"My nose!" (that was my second curse of the day, the first one was a bit harsher at the first doctor's office.)

I had a hard time staying out of the dark place: my anti-seizure drug makes my bones weak! That's why this happened! I am aging faster then I should! This is so stupid! Why is this happening to me! How can I even do any job now? What am I going to look like for my concert in a few weeks? What about my cute new heels? Why did the subway betray me like this? Ice skating? No more ice skating?

You get the idea.

And I still don't know what I'm gonna do today, and tomorrow and for Thanksgiving and for my flight to Chicago and how I'm going to pick up my kids on crutches and everything else.

But I do know that I have wonderful family and friends who always pick me up when I'm down. I got home from the hospital and my daughters had written me a letter: We Hope you feel Better! We will pray for your broken foot. Love, Phoebe & Lolly.

And so I cried again.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Look what I saw. Seriously, never seen a sunset like this in NYC in all my years here.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Paper Bag Princess

Lolly was invited to a Paper-Bag Princess Party.

We had some postal paper to wrap her gift in, and some left over to make a crown!

She requested a "complete princess makeover" which involved makeup and a lot of glitter and lipgloss.

Yes, I agree, she does look Pope-ish:

Once we got to the party she exchanged her self-made paper bag crown for the party's offering. We designed together a project runway-worthy paper bag dress, but she did not want to wear it. It was pretty cute though. Here we are listening to the birthday girl and her Dad read Paper Bag Princess:

It was a nice Mommy/Lolly afternoon.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Third Person Thursday

She tweeted this Tuesday night:

"What I wouldn't five for a snorts pop tart..."

And that explains it all.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Can we talk about this pencil sharpener for a second?

I sat there and stared at the offereings: modern? electric? plug-in? battery? 20 bucks? 50?

OR...old school?

I SO made the right choice. I sharpened 10 pencils in under a minute.

Now, that's something to blog about:

Yes, I was a crosstitcher in a past life. It's Fall Ya'll!

Monday, November 09, 2009


Reality TV anyone?

I shot this demo earlier this year after much stressful deliberation as to whether or not to participate. I thought it was a big secret, but apparently not, so go ahead and watch it!

Sunday, November 08, 2009


I spied BIC Mark It ultra fine point permanent markers at Staples.

They will be perfect for the addressing I have to do...

This year the girls want to sign their own names. After some discussion, we decided we would try to tackle 10 per day. We will be done by the 25th if we stay on schedule....just in time for my Day After Thanksgiving mailing.

PS. Having a 4-year-old participate is magical. She is practicing writing her name over and over and counting how many she has done and how many she has left in her stack. It's a writing and math miracle!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Pond-Opening Day

We couldn't resist opening day at The Pond at Bryant Park yesterday.

Both girls were on single blades this year. Lolly did so great, MUCH better then last year. She fell a lot when she got distracted by expert skaters doing tricks in the center, and by any groups of TEENS, but in general did great.

The music seemed to be a range of 70's. Loved hearing non-Christmas Karen Carpenter: We've Only Just Begun (reminded me of singing that in my 5th grade play!).

We only got around the ice about twice before it was time for Zamboni:

Tired girls after a few hours of skating. I was tired too. I am so grateful for my new skates. My ankles are much less sore this year, because I have a better-sized boot.

Looking forward to continued mild weather so that we can get our skate on some more!

Friday, November 06, 2009


I have been flirting with a cold for the past few days, but it finally HIT me like a ton of bricks yesterday. I even skipped knitting group, that's how bad it is, was, is.

And now I have a callback for Olive Garden. I think this is the third time I have been called back and put on hold for OG. Last week at the first appointment some of my fellow actor's sitting around in white shirts and khakis were commenting on my white shirt and pencil skirt and yellow-striped leggings with tall boots. My agent did not specify khakis, I even double-checked the email. Apparently, actors have been sent home at callbacks if not wearing the exact proper attire.

So, since it has come to my attention recently that I have not booked a commercial since Feb. 2008 (I have been on hold for about hundred and two of course, but no dice), I feel it is important to not mess this up. I needed khakis. BUT! Khakis are not hitting the shelves just now. After failing at the Gap (really? only cropped and size 16? what?), I headed to J. Crew. I picked up the only 2 pairs that qualified there and now I know why I don't own khakis:

The pair on the left cost 15 dollars and the pair on the right, 50 dollars, only because they were on promotion, so I got 10 dollars off. I thought I might look better in the ones on the right, but really I just look bad in both. YES, I tried a size lower but they were a little tight in my FRONT-THIGH fat (a new addition since "the 30's"), and so these loose, unflattering khaki's are it.

I chose the left pair because I like the color better, they are incrementally more flattering and 35 bucks cheaper. And I'm hoping a whole lot of good luck!

After a long day of feeling cloudy, depressed about khakis, lamenting the fact that I happened to wear my white shirt the entire day before I had to wear it again, and wishing to be cozy in my bed with my fuzzy socks on, my friend Mr. Gilbert gave me exactly what I needed: My first forray into the unknown world of Pumpkin Spice Hershey's Kisses:

I've been searching for months, ever since he started Facebooking about them, and even had a false alarm when he met me last week to deliver them, but accidentally brought CARAMEL instead. And they were worth the wait. They're kind of great.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Third Person Thursday

She got her filling replaced last Wednesday. 1 shot of lidocaine, then 2. He was good, very little pain.

The drilling began. She could feel it. She asked if it would get worse then that, because she could tolerate it if it stayed. It didn't stay. She felt a sharper pain and could feel her body tense up, so she asked for a little bit more.

BAM. She could tell that final shot was right in there.

She was numb for the next 5 hours. When it finally wore off she was relieved until the pain set in, then she was wishing she was still numb. She's had 3 root canals, 2 crowns, 4 wisdom teeth pulled and 2 previous fillings, and she could not recall pain like this. The pain was not the tooth, it was where that 3rd shot went in. She popped some ibuprofen and hoped it would get better.

It's now been a week, and guess what? Yup.

So, she looked it up:

"Wikipedia on local anesthetics says:

Localized Adverse Effects
The local adverse effects of anesthetic agents include neurovascular manifestations such as prolonged anesthesia (numbness) and paresthesia (tingling, feeling of "pins and needles", or strange sensations). These are symptoms of localized nerve impairment or nerve damage.
The risk of temporary or permanent nerve damage varies between different locations and types of nerve blocks.[1]
Permanent nerve damage after a peripheral nerve block is rare. Symptoms are very likely to resolve within a few weeks. The vast majority of those affected (92–97%), recover within four to six weeks. 99% of these people have recovered within a year. It is estimated that between 1 in 5,000 and 1 in 30,000 nerve blocks result in some degree of permanent persistent nerve damage.[1]
It is suggested that symptoms may continue to improve for up to 18 months following injury."

After reading this, she thought: Of course, she's the one. She just hopes it's a few weeks of discomfort and not 18 months or FOREVER.......!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mommy College: Unconditional Parenting

My stack of books has been sitting. I've renewed it twice, but there just isn't enough time to get it all from page to brain.

I realized that one of my books was overdue because someone else had put a hold on it, and so I have to turn it in ASAP AND pay a fee. I almost just returned it, but instead I picked it up to see if I could get something out of it for my $3.25. And let me tell you, this book totally blew my mind.

Unconditional Parenting: Moving from Rewards and Punishments to Love and Reason By Alfie Kohn
A Provacative Challenge to the Conventional Wisdom About Discipline

I have read through as much as I can as fast as I can, because I have to return it. It is introducing me to a whole new way of doing this thing called parenting, which is something that I do quite a lot of these days.

I just bought it on Amazon, because I need to finish it.

In a nutshell, every conceivable parenting technique that I have tried is no good! And I have to relearn the entire thing.

Of course, I read all of these books with a grain of salt. This one in particular, I was extremely defensive at the beginning, but now I feel my mind opening and I hope that once I have read the rest I will be able to exhibit more unconditional love (I believe I HAVE this, but not sure if I SHOW it).

Here is just a quick list of food for thought from UNCONDITIONAL PARENTING by Alfie Kohn:

"Principles of Unconditional Parenting

1. Be Reflective.
2. Reconsider your requests.
3. Keep your eye on your long-term goals.
4. Put the relationship first.
5. Change how you see, not just how you act.
6. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
7. Be authentic.
8. Talk less, ask more.
9. Keep their ages in mind.
10. Attribute to children the best possible motive consistent with the facts.
11. Don't stick your no's in unnecessarily.
12. Dont be rigid.
13. Don't be in a hurry."

I love this list. Lately I have been working on 1, 4, 9, 10, and 13. And #3? I couldn't even pretend to answer that for you. So, as of right now, also working on 3.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Latest Lovescarf Creation

It's cozy!

I didn't have enough yarn for an entire scarf, so I made a little ascot instead. It needed a tiny flower to spruce it up. New skills: button hole and flower!

Monday, November 02, 2009

You Decide

What would you like to see the Posse dress up as for Halloween in 2010?

Leave a comment, and if I choose your idea, you win a prize. And it's a good prize.


"Hey mom, can you send me the skirt that you were wearing in that Christmas Eve picture from like 1984? I want to see if I can make it work for 2009!"
"Yes, and I am going to send you my first pair of name brand jeans-Calvin Kleins from 1980 too."

Check out the giant light bulb earrings!

I know, I can't get away from the socks. I just like them. I tried it without....

I would have loved to play around with the closet over at Fluevog....I'm sure I would have found the perfect pair of shoes!

My faves are 1 and 3. 1's sweater has music staffs and notes. I'm reusing the shoes from my wedding shoot, and the red skinny belt is from my Halloween costume! Skinny waist, courtesy of WEIGHTED HULA HOOP--seriously mom's-it's working on the leftover love-handles!

I think I can wear this outfit for the winter season, not just on Christmas Eve, but it may JUST have to be my Christmas Eve outfit, for old time's sake. Mom, still got those dresses Sister and I are wearing? Think Phoebz and Lollz would wear em?

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Party Round-Up

Party #1: Halloween Dance Party featuring new friend Ashley, AKA Mama Rocks! Lolly found a face-painter and requested a pig face to match the rest of her outfit.

Party #2: A Halloween Hoedown. The kids loved square dancing. I was to volunteer to be a fortune teller, but the square dancing was in need of some serious adult help, so I became square-dance-helper, and did not tell a single fortune, despite bringing a fortune teller with me, that youtube reminded me how to make.

A little tip, if you decide to wear every bracelet you own as part of your Gypsy/Fortune teller costume, put them on last. Putting on my makeup with those things on my wrist was a mini workout.

Party #3: The Bronx. On Halloween Day we had 3, count them, 3 parties to attend. We started up north and did a little old-fashioned, door-to-door trick-or-treating. The weather was amazing, Miss Judy Jetson did NOT really need her hoody.

Party #4: Upper West Side. We stopped by the UWS for a much-too-brief hour to say hi to some of our friends:

Party #5: Trunk-or-treat. The moon was amazing. I took some wicked pix of friends, ours turned out blurry, but with some affects, looks kinda sweet. We danced and laughed and had such a great time seeing everybody's costumes! My head was so sweaty and my feet SO sore. And I was a winner!